Chem-Dry University Helps Franchise Owners Train CSRs

Solid training and superior customer service skills ensure that Chem-Dry customers get fast, professional and effective service when they call or email

What’s the best way to lose a potential or existing customer? Poor service. That’s why every Chem-Dry cleaning franchise has world-class training opportunities for customer service representatives at its disposal every day.

As a part of Chem-Dry University, CSRs can train right alongside franchise owners and technicians. That’s because they are an integral part of the team, and often can be the difference between successful bookings and a drop-off in business, says Ernesto Lopez, Distance Learning Manager for Chem-Dry.

Training covers all aspects of franchise operations

“Chem-Dry University is a tool for franchise owners and their staff to learn a lot of the technical information about the products and equipment, because that allows them to successfully upsell to residential and commercial clients,” Ernesto says. “It’s broken into multiple colleges, so everyone can learn a lot about his or her specific role as well.”

The CSR training modules allow participants to train remotely. Once they have mastered the skill sets, they help others through the programs. That way, CSRs are constantly refreshing themselves on best practices, Ernesto says.

“Someone is certified once they complete the content and take their exams, but many people will go back through so they can sharpen their skills even more,” he says. “We also are always updating and adding to the courses, so often they’ll see and learn new materials that weren’t here when they first obtained their Chem-Dry CSR certification.”

All training part of ongoing support package

The training can be done in single-lesson increments or more, depending on the CSR’s schedule and retention speed. CSRs pass through four levels of training, with about eight lessons per level followed by a final exam. The lessons are interactive, which Ernesto says helps trainees become more engaged, and all Chem-Dry University services are included with the Chem-Dry cleaning franchise owner’s monthly fee.

“It’s not just reading a bunch of boring text,” he promises. “There are interactions built into the lessons, and quizzes throughout it, so learning can be measured. The franchise owner also has to sign off by checking their progress, and then they continue. At each level, they

earn a star, signifying they have mastered everything that level has to offer. It’s a great program, and really helps Chem-Dry CSRs learn how to get the most out of their job, and bring their best skills to the business.”

Chem-Dry is the world’s largest carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise with nearly 3,500 franchises in 52 countries, serving 10,000 homes and businesses a day. Chem-Dry has been Entrepreneur magazine’s top-rated carpet cleaning franchise for 29 straight years.  The Chem-Dry Hot Carbonating Extraction process delivers a faster-drying, deeper and more environmentally friendly clean that appeals to both home and business owners. In addition to carpet and area rugs, Chem-Dry provides tile and stone, granite countertops, leather and upholstery cleaning.

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