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Advertising, Marketing & Training Support

Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business Is Easy with These Resources

Our main goal is to help our franchise owners grow the most profitable businesses possible, and marketing is one of the best means of quickly accomplish that goal.

Gone are the days when you could run an ad in the Yellow Pages, make calls to a few important people, then sit back and wait for the jobs to pour in. Today, marketing a business like a Chem-Dry franchise requires an understanding of how to leverage the Internet and social media as a marketing tool. We help you rank high in visibility on Internet searches and on high volume websites like Google+ and Facebook, where consumers now go to find vendors they can research and learn to trust.

Included in your New Business Set, is a 3-month “Kick-Start” Marketing Program.  You will have an SEO-Optimized WordPress Website, and be trained on how to use it.  You will get a “Chatleads” live web chat service, in order to engage website visitors 24/7.  We will also set up your Google Adwords and Pay Per Click advertising campaigns, including a starter budget to help seed those clicks.  You will get Directory Optimization on over 40 local directories, a business phone number, Directory Review management, loyalty marketing support and of course Digital Marketing training.

Chem-Dry further provides its franchisees with all the tools they need to aggressively market their businesses locally to get the phones ringing. We can provide you with postcards, magnets, business cards, stickers, brochures, door hangers, invoices, envelopes, calendars and email blasts.

Our Senior Vice President of Marketing, Bill Zinke, has more than 20 years of experience in building brands and expanding the networks of several franchise concepts, and he teaches franchisees how to acquire new customers and generate repeat business.

Our numerous other marketing resources

Marketing Toolbox: A convenient online center packed with images, photos and illustrations you can use to create your own local advertisements, plus templates your local graphic artists can customize, as well as additional resources.

Franchise Website: Chem-Dry provides each franchise with a customizable website local owners can use to attract online traffic.

Marketing Diagnostic: This tool represents an innovation in online resources for franchise systems. Franchise owners can access the toolbox and evaluate their businesses’ success compared to standardized benchmarks and diagnose areas where improvements are needed.

Franchise Marketing Packet: A handy packet with announcement cards, door hangers, brochures and other basic materials you need to spread the word about your new business.

CRM Tool: Our Customer Relationship Management tool, OnTrack, is a web-based program used for billing and scheduling customers, managing invoices and accounting software and gauging customer satisfaction.

Chem-Dry franchisees are able to use proprietary software to make it much easier to manage a growing business, analyze results, and capture opportunities for revenue and profits.

Chem-Dry franchisees are able to use proprietary software to make it much easier to manage a growing business, analyze results, and capture opportunities for revenue and profits.

Our goal in marketing is to build each franchise a strong, deep, loyal customer base that cleans multiple times a year. Repeat customers cost far less money and time to reach than new customers. Five years in, we want to see 70 percent of a franchise owner’s business come from an existing database of repeat customers; by then, a fully developed, robust customer database should have 2,500 names, and only one of 10 customers should be a first-timer. The other nine should come from repeat business and referrals. Franchise owners who follow our marketing strategy usually reach that goal.

Receive industry-leading training at Chem-Dry University

With  3,000 franchise locations open for business, we’ve perfected the training and support techniques franchisees require to become successful, thriving Chem-Dry owners. New franchise owners become carpet-cleaning experts during a weeklong residency at either the Logan, Utah, or Nashville, Tennessee, campuses.


After completing the comprehensive training program, you’ll have hands-on experience with each of the Chem-Dry business systems, will understand the best practices in carpet cleaning, and most importantly, have hands-on experience from the best trainers using the most cutting-edge equipment in the industry.

Keep on top of things with ongoing support

Some franchise opportunities throw new owners in the classroom, show them the “on” switch and send them on their way. At Chem-Dry, our training and support extend well beyond the classroom, with ongoing learning support provided throughout the first year of operation and continuing thereafter.

During the first year of operations, your QuickStart coach leads you to adopting the Chem-Dry best practices you learned in training. These lessons reinforce training, and they help calm nerves while simultaneously helping new franchisees set and achieve benchmarks, which promotes success.

From one-on-one pre-training sessions to frequent phone calls with “Quickstart” coaches and franchise colleagues, Chem-Dry franchise owners become part of a network of knowledgeable and caring business owners. All the while, Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchises continue to receive the support and backing of our operations staff.

When new employees join your operation, our advanced Chem-Dry University online training program allows them to sharpen their skills and develop the knowledge necessary to achieve peak performance — all before they ever set foot in the field. Chem-Dry Director of Training Jotham Hatch developed these programs with an eye to longevity, and he should know. He has been with Chem-Dry since 2003, holds a master’s degree in instructional design and stays on top of emerging trends and technology in the field.

Throughout the year, we provide multiple in-person training events at regional mini-conventions, at our annual franchise conference and at venues around the world. Locations have included Cancun, Las Vegas and Orlando. These events are not only educational, but they’re also designed to heighten the sense of community within the Chem-Dry franchise system. After all, one of the best sources of information and best practices is our network of nearly 1,000 franchisees. With an average of 18 years in the system, our franchisees are the experts when it comes to what puts Chem-Dry at the top.