Chem-Dry franchise owners Ed and Dawn Frutig

Voice Of Chem-Dry Ensures Franchise Owners’ Needs Are Heard & Met

Chem-Dry ensures franchise owners from around the country share best practices with each other, offer insights on marketing, support and product development

Employees want to work for a company where they know their voices will be heard. Small business owners are no different — when they purchase a franchise, they don’t want to be just another number. As any Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise owner will tell you, they know their voices are heard loud and clear. 

That’s because they can always speak to the corporate team about any concerns, as well as work through their representative on the Voice of Chem-Dry Advisory Council (VOC). “This group is made up of franchise owners representing a specific region of the country and is an essential part of Chem-Dry’s ongoing success,” says D’Wayne Tanner, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development. 

Chem-Dry franchise owners Ed and Dawn Frutig

Open lines of communication benefit everyone

“These 10 people are elected by their fellow franchise owners, and they serve for a two-year term,” Tanner explains. “We have regular conference calls with them for them to share information about their operations and for us to share information about what’s happening at the corporate level, and they take that information back to the owners in their region.”

The 10-member VOC is essential to the Chem-Dry franchise network, because it allows for an ongoing, and effective, exchange of ideas and information.

“Every Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise owner is busy working his or her territory and serving customers,” Tanner says. “They are always thinking of better ways to deliver a service, or new marketing angle or simply want to make a suggestion. Their VOC representative is the perfect conduit to communicate those thoughts.” 

VOC shows new owners pathway to more engagement

“The VOC is made up of seasoned franchise owners, and so they also are a huge and beneficial resource to the new Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise owner,” Tanner says. “A VOC member can answer questions that a new owner may have after training, for example, or dig a little deeper into some real-world applications of that new knowledge. They are a bridge between the management and training teams and the franchise owners out in the field.” 

Chem-Dry is the world’s largest carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise with over 2,500 franchises in more than 55 countries, serving 11,000 homes and businesses a day. Chem-Dry has been Entrepreneur magazine’s top-rated carpet cleaning franchise for 32 straight years. The Chem-Dry Hot Carbonating Extraction process delivers a faster-drying, deeper and more environmentally friendly clean that appeals to home and business owners. In addition to carpet and area rugs, Chem-Dry provides cleaning and renewal services for tile and stone, granite countertops, leather and upholstery, air ducts and dryer vents.

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