Global Franchise Magazine Highlights Chem-Dry Opportunity

Portability and small brand footprint are seen as positives for areas of the world where rents are high and commercial space is hard to come by

There’s a reason that there are Chem-Dry cleaning franchise locations in 52 countries around the world. Actually, there are several reasons, all of which appeal to international business media when they are profiling the best global brands for entrepreneurs.

Recently, Global Franchise magazine profiled Chem-Dry, pointing out that the home-based business doesn’t require an expensive commercial space, and accompanying long-term lease, and can be operated with a small staff, eliminating additional overhead. It also had praise for Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Water extraction process, a “green clean” which doesn’t involve harsh chemicals, dries quickly and is safe for kids, pets and the environment.

Core business goal carries across borders

“Even across the many different countries and cultures we serve in our global network, the need to help people maintain a clean, healthy living or work environment is universal. There’s high demand for Chem-Dry’s HCE carpet and upholstery cleaning process in every corner of the United States and around the world because it not only delivers superior results, but it’s safer, healthier and better for the environment,” says Dan Tarantin, Chief Executive Officer, in the article. “These common consumer needs and trends and the strength and versatility of our business model have been the driving forces behind the substantial growth Chem-Dry has seen in our franchise sales and our global footprint.”

Chem-Dry also is able to expand internationally thanks to its Master Franchise concept, which allows an entrepreneur to purchase territories that cover a large part of his or her country, or even that entire nation. Then they can operate franchises themselves, or subdivide the area into smaller territories and lease out franchises for those areas.

Compatible business opportunities also spur growth

Global Franchise also noted that many Chem-Dry cleaning franchise owners operate the business as part of a larger portfolio that contains complementary businesses, such as cleaning services, real estate holdings and more. This allows them to avoid paying outside contractors for carpet cleaning and other services when tenants move, as well as offering those services to the clients those companies already have.

“Chem-Dry continues to grow not just because we have an outstanding array of services and a business model that is very franchise-owner oriented, but because the entrepreneurs who work with us are really driven to succeed,” points out Doug Smith, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development. “Our business is a true partnership, and the beneficiaries are our customers, no matter where they live.”

Chem-Dry is the world’s largest carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise with nearly 3,500 franchises in 52 countries, serving 10,000 homes and businesses a day. Chem-Dry has been Entrepreneur magazine’s top-rated carpet cleaning franchise for 29 straight years. The Chem-Dry Hot Carbonating Extraction process delivers a faster-drying, deeper and more environmentally friendly clean that appeals to both home and business owners. In addition to carpet and area rugs, Chem-Dry provides tile and stone, granite countertops, leather and upholstery cleaning.

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