New Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Franchise Equipment Opens Lucrative New Markets

New XTS unit has full cleaning power at fraction of size and cost

Ford Transit - Home Pride Chem-Dry

The more affordable, economical Ford Transit van that the XTS unit makes possible as a Chem-Dry vehicle. (Ford Motor Company)


We?re rolling out a piece of equipment this month that we predict will take our worldwide, 3,500-unit franchise system to a new level and take the carpet cleaning world by storm.

Say hello to our brand-new XTS, or Cross-Over Truck-Mount System.

We?re excited about it because this new unit is the result of our listening to and working with our franchisees to build a unit that represents the best of both worlds ? a portable, versatile unit that has the same extraction and cleaning power as our other truck-mount systems but comes at a lower upfront and ongoing operational cost. Our tried-and-true carbonating truck mount systems are powerful but tied to the vehicle, and our existing PowerBase portable system sacrifices some muscle for portability.

The XTS sacrifices nothing. It?s designed specifically for carpet and upholstery, our core business. It?s powerful but by far our smallest unit ever because the solution tanks and heaters remain on the truck or accompanying satellite unit, and the powerful vacuum is right on top of the cleaning unit. When it?s used with its extra-long hoses, the XTS can go nearly anywhere and clean with the power source only inches from the surface being cleaned.

Advantages for cleaning franchise business

The result of these features is more power and efficiency. When more than 150 feet from the power source, traditional carpet cleaning equipment drops vacuum power by 50 percent with each additional 50 feet of vacuum hose.  The XTS maintains total vacuum efficiency regardless of how far away it is from the van. It also means our hot carbonating cleaning solution ? the industry?s best at providing a deep cleaning for carpets, area rugs and upholstery ? can retain ideal temperature.

Chem-Dry?s proprietary hot carbonating extraction process ? which uses the power of carbonation rather than the excessive amount of water used in steam cleaning ? is known for allowing carpets to dry quickly, typically in a couple of hours.  With the XTS, having the extraction power so close to the treated area only helps to ensure that Chem-Dry maintains its competitive, industry-leading edge in dry time.

And here?s the real draw for Chem-Dry franchise owners, who already benefit from one of the top low-investment, high-return opportunities in the franchise industry: return on investment. The XTS costs less than half what the CTS 450 and 330 truck mount systems cost ? and those aren?t the only savings you?ll realize. A smaller unit means a smaller, more affordable vehicle needed to transport it, and corresponding savings in fuel costs.

There?s yet another big advantage to the XTS. It benefits from a simple design and construction that?s easy to maintain, repair and operate ? cutting down on operational, maintenance and repair costs.

An industry-leading cleaning franchise


We tested the XTS this summer and fall with eight of our franchise owners from around the country, who gave us invaluable feedback and confirmed the unit?s ease of use, cleaning effectiveness, versatility and lower operational cost. Some franchise owners with multiple vans even have technicians fighting over who gets to use the XTS unit on a given day.

We?ve also gotten some great third-party validation on the XTS?s capabilities ? all of our XTS equipment models have received a platinum rating, the highest level, from the Carpet and Rug Institute?s Seal of Approval program, which evaluates key performance areas including soil removal, carpet texture retention and rate of resoiling. All of this feedback gives us confidence that this unit is an affordable, high-quality option for current and future Chem-Dry franchise owners and will enable them to uphold our high customer service standards.

The XTS makes for a good symbol, too ? of a large and growing franchise system with an industry-leading market share that?s committed to staying out in front of the technological curve, doing everything it can to maximize value and return-on-investment for its franchisees.

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