Chem-Dry’s Multiple Differentiators Boost Franchise Owners’ Profits

Carpet cleaning is a foundational service, but additional offerings can increase ticket totals, as well as generate faster repeat business and word-of-mouth

Thanks to more than 40 years of great service, Chem-Dry cleaning franchise owners get a lot of calls and emails asking for carpet cleaning estimates. Those usually turn into service calls and often yield more business, thanks to a growing array of additional products and offerings.

“Chem-Dry is well known for environmentally friendly, safe and thorough carpet cleaning,” says Doug Smith, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development. “But we also clean many other surfaces, handle pet stain and odor removal, as well as do water damage remediation, so while the dirty carpet gets us in the door, once we’re with a client there’s a lot more to talk about.”

Chem-Dry team getting ready to go to work

Floors, area rugs offer opportunity

“For homes with tile floors and area rugs, for example, a Chem-Dry cleaning franchise owner can quickly and easily incorporate them into his or her estimate. Often homeowners don’t know that Chem-Dry offers these services, and they are pleased to be able to have all their floors and floor coverings cleaned at once.”

“People like the idea of a single, trusted vendor,” Doug explains. “They don’t want to have one person in their home or business for the carpets, and then have to find someone else or clean their tile and rugs themselves. When Chem-Dry can handle everything in one visit, and everything’s dry and ready to walk on quickly, it usually leads to a bigger job and higher ticket total.”

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