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Magazine outlines why Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise has been successful

Chem-Dry is the biggest carpet cleaning company in North America, with green and effective cleaning methods that have helped it earn the highest repeat customer rate in the industry.

If you’ve read much of our website, you can tell that we’re proud of the franchise system we’ve built and the impact it has had on the lives of Chem-Dry owners and customers. Still, it’s always nice when other people take a look at your business and are impressed by what they see. Business World Magazine recently took an in-depth look at Chem-Dry. Here are excerpts from the article they published:

magazine-featuring-chemdryA Clean, Healthy Business Model
With more than 3,500 locations in the United States and 38 other countries, Chem-Dry has achieved recognition as one of the top 100 global franchises and, for 25 consecutive years, has earned acclaim as the world’s leading carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise. The operational professionalism and expertise of its certified technicians, the engineering innovations contained within the equipment they use and the powerful properties within their proprietary cleaning solution (the secret sauce) have all effectively combined to position Chem-Dry as the unquestioned leader and pioneer in what is genuinely regarded as a highly competitive field. Senior Vice President of Franchise Sales Dwayne Tanner says, “Prospective franchisees are excited about the opportunity to partner with Chem-Dry because we are the most trusted name in carpet cleaning and offer a tremendous opportunity for them to become successful entrepreneurs in a large and growing industry.” As a testament to those capabilities, Tanner explains that more than 14 billion square feet of new carpet is installed each year and the effort to preserve and protect that carpet – as well as the range of existing coverings, rugs and upholstery – has driven growth within an industry that generates close to $7 billion annually. …

“Customers are impressed by Chem-Dry,” says Tanner. “When our franchisees and their technicians show up, they arrive in a clean van, wearing a crisp uniform, and with professional training that builds confidence and sets homeowners at ease. The fact that we offer a deeper, longer lasting clean and that our primary cleaning solution is safe, non-toxic and natural allows us to deliver a superior customer experience and leave our customers’ homes healthier. That wins us a lot of fans and has earned us the highest customer repeat rate in the industry. And the fact that there are already 2,000 Chem-Dry franchises in the United States means that when you open a new business, a lot of customers will already know who you are and be eager to hire you.” Tanner also indicates that more than 90 percent of Chem-Dry’s business comes from repeat customers and referrals. That equates to a lot of satisfied customers who return to Chem-Dry again and again, whenever a professional cleaning is needed for carpets, area rugs and upholstery, as well as stone, tile and grout and for unique needs like eliminating stains and pet urine odors.

Chem-Dry franchisees benefit from the fact that the company has invested as much time and resources into growing a strong and healthy franchise system as it has to the engineering and technical advances of its equipment and cleaning solutions. The company spends considerable sums annually on new tools that help franchise owners manage and grow their business and on programs to ensure that Chem-Dry stays top of mind with consumers and stands out from the competitors. Franchisees come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds. In recent years, Tanner notes that almost 25% of new franchisees are military veterans, and he affirms their drive and determination has helped the company grow.

He pointed out that many retail carpet stores and carpet installers have found it appealing to add the Chem-Dry name and service to their portfolio, while independent carpet cleaners have found it desirable and a wise investment to convert to Chem-Dry to grow the long term value of their business. These new owners found that, by leveraging the brand name and the company’s expertise in marketing, operations and training, their business increased under the Chem-Dry banner. In a more general sense, Tanner says the company looks for people who are savvy in sales and marketing and understand the importance and value of following the operational principles and “playbook” that Chem-Dry has honed in its thirty-five years of success. As Tanner says, “We know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve worked hard to build the largest and most respected carpet cleaning brand in the country and around the world and we share those learnings and best practices with our franchisees every day.”

The franchising model is flexible, allowing owners to have one or multiple territories, which are defined by population density. Tanner says franchisees typically start off with one location, but then will gradually expand to multiple locations over time. “Our model offers the flexibility for our franchisees to start off small, with a single van and territory, and grow to be as large as they can imagine, with a full fleet of vans in multiple markets and territories.” affirms Tanner.

The investment is also flexible, ranging from $39,000 to upwards of $131,000, again depending on equipment options, and the territory. But that doesn’t mean candidates have to come to the table with the total fees in hand. Unlike most in the industry, Chem-Dry will provide financing for its franchisees, which will cover most of the associated costs. For as little as $9,995 down, a franchisee can launch their business and be up and running in as little as 60 days.

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Chem-Dry has been helping entrepreneurs start and grow carpet cleaning businesses since 1977, and we have a lot of information to share with people thinking about starting a business. We know how important it is for you to understand a franchise system before you join it, so we’ve provided a treasure trove of information for you to explore on our research pages. If you’d like to get to know a little bit about the people who have helped make Chem-Dry so successful, you can read stories about franchisees on our blog. To start a conversation, fill out this form, which will give you access to a detailed franchise report, or give us a call at 877-392-0272.


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