Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Franchise Review: If You Follow Training, ‘You’re Going to Be Successful’

John Nielsen of Longleaf Chem-Dry in Mobile, AL, says he?s enjoying his new career as a carpet cleaning franchise owner


When John Nielsen started his Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise a couple of years ago in Mobile, AL, he knew he wouldn?t be alone.

?There were existing franchises in my market, but I found out quickly that there is plenty of room for more Chem-Dry carpet cleaners,? he says. ?We don?t really compete with each other ? we compete with steam cleaners who soak customers? rugs and don?t do as good a job. When we go into a customer?s home, they see a big difference. If you do what they tell you to do, you?re going to be successful. That?s the beauty of the Chem-Dry training ? it does what they say it?s going to do.?

John, 52, started Chem-Dry after spending 25 years in the floral and decorative products business as an importer. One of his jobs was to be a trend-spotter. ?In my old business, I used to have to work a year out to allow time for manufacturing and delivery. One of the things I like about Chem-Dry is the instant gratification. In this business, you go into someone?s home and you make a difference very quickly. The results are dramatic. When you go into someone?s home and you make their home look better and smell fresher, they tell you about it ? and you go home at the end of the day feeling really good.?

?Some guys who own Chem-Dry hire people to do all the actual cleaning while they grow the business, but I actually never want to completely leave the truck. I enjoy it too much!?

That?s not to say that John?s business isn?t growing. It is. He has a full-time technician as well as a part-timer who help him serve customers. He actually gets a lot of new customers thanks to area-rug cleaning, a Chem-Dry service offering that John specializes in.

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchises can also offer area rug cleaning, tile and stone cleaning, and water damage restoration.

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchises can also offer area rug cleaning, tile and stone cleaning, and water damage restoration.

More than carpet cleaning

?My city has a lot of old families that have heirloom rugs, and people quickly started asking me if I could help them with oriental rugs,? he says. ?I went through a Chem-Dry training program and set up my area-rug cleaning operation, and it has been a big boost to my business. One benefit that I hadn?t anticipated was that I?m finding myself even more bonded with my customers. An area rug is typically something special. Maybe they designed it themselves, or searched a long time for the perfect rug to complete a room, or it?s been in the family. If someone has a 75-year-old area rug that has pet urine in it and you remove that urine and make it look good again, you have established trust ? and they will tell everyone they know about it. It?s a word-of-mouth generator. I clean the rugs at my shop and when I take it back to the customer, I?m returning something to them that is special, that they may want to give their children. There is an excitement about it. They feel they?re getting something back that they weren?t sure would survive.

?I had a very good customer who had an oriental rug in the dining room that had been her mother?s, which makes it even more valuable. The problem was, her dog had become old and was sneaking into the dining room and urinating, and there was an enormous amount of urine in the rug. This was an heirloom that she wanted to pass on to her own daughter, and I remember taking it back into the home. The odor was gone, and years of accumulated dirt were gone and we just stood there in the dining room and stared at the colors together and were in awe of the rug?s true beauty. She said, ?I?ve always loved this rug, but I didn?t know how beautiful it was until right now.? Those are special times.?

Help when you need it

The other thing John likes is being part of a team. He occasionally has questions, and likes being able to get quick answers.

?With me, if there?s a certain kind of material I?ve never seen before or a stain I?m not familiar with, I can call corporate or one of the other local Chem-Dry guys. I?ve never had an occasion where they haven?t seen it and couldn?t give me advice. The Chem-Dry network is really pretty cool. Even with the guys here in Mobile, we don?t see each other as competitors because there?s so much business to win. We have a good relationship and help each other out. If a customer needs me and I?m all booked up, I can give one of them a call to take the job and keep my customer happy. I like knowing that they?re going to get a great level of service.?

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