Chem-Dry Franchise Customer Review: Paul Wright of Mount Juliet, Tenn.

Songwriter, record producer was sold on Chem-Dry cleaning franchise from the first job

Paul Wright of Mount Juliet, Tenn., and his family.

Paul Wright of Mount Juliet, Tenn., and his family.


Paul Wright had tried to clean his carpet himself. It was hard work ? time-consuming, energy-sapping. He eventually decided, ?enough of this,? and scouted around for a good carpet cleaning company, eventually hiring Chem-Dry.

That was about 15 years ago, when Paul lived near the airport in Nashville, and he hasn?t looked back. Bob Sweeney still comes out once a year to clean the carpet where Paul lives now, in nearby Mount Juliet, Tenn., to shoot the breeze and get Paul?s carpet cleaner and healthier.

?It really made a difference. It was a new treatment to me, it dried fast, and it looked great,? Paul says. ?Bob?s a really nice guy. We know him now, and there?s a level of real trust there, so he?s almost like somebody I go to church with. When he comes by for the job, we?ll talk about what’s going on, his life, other things.?

Paul, 46, is a record producer and songwriter who lives with his wife, Lisa, and daughter, Nicole, in a two-story brick home in Mount Juliet; he moved there in 2006 and, he says, has never thought of replacing Bob.

?Oh, no, not a chance,? he says. ?Once you find somebody who does a bang-up job on your carpet, someone you trust who?s professional and reasonably priced, you stick with him. And Bob?s a real pro, too ? he can identify and take care any kind of stain you can imagine. I don?t know how he does it.

?And that process he uses is great, too, because we have to wait only a couple of hours before we can walk or lie on the carpet again. I?ve never regretted using Chem-Dry, and I imagine I?ll keep using them as long as I have carpet that needs cleaning.?

Paul and Lisa Wright

Paul and Lisa Wright

The franchise owner-client relationship Paul and Bob have built over the years is what we?re aiming for with all of our Chem-Dry owners. Making home and office surfaces drier, cleaner and healthier with best-in-class products and equipment and impeccable service keeps customers happy and paying for years ? and often results in some sound friendships, too.

For 35 years, our great service, products and affordability have led thousands of people around the world to raving Chem-Dry fanhood. If you think you might want to create a few more fans with your own Chem-Dry franchise business, fill out the form on this site and download our free franchise report, with detailed information about our value proposition, people, systems, earnings potential, financing and more!

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