Why Chem-Dry is One of the Best Low-Cost Franchises?

Chem-Dry is affordable to start, and simple to grow

Start-up costs often scare people away from starting their own business — but start-up costs don’t have to be a barrier. Entrepreneur magazine calls Chem-Dry one of the world’s best low-cost franchise opportunities, as well as the top carpet cleaning franchise. Entrepreneur has also named us to its overall list of top franchise opportunities for 26 years in a row.

Chem-Dry can be started with under $10,000 down, with the rest financed. Meanwhile, the average annual revenue per franchise owner increased was $263,779 in 2013, up 5 percent from the year before.


Like any business, customer service is key to success. Repeat customers drive the Chem-Dry business. Chem-Dry’s training and systems help you deliver a professional experience that is far beyond what most homeowners have come to expect when they hire a carpet cleaner. Our hot carbonated extraction cleaning process uses one-fifth as much water as steam cleaning, and we don’t use any phosphates or harsh chemicals, so our process is safe for children or pets. Yet, we are able to remove dirt and stains that many carpet cleaners cannot tackle, making old carpets look new.

Business systems aid growth

A friendly smile and professional service are your first allies, but Chem-Dry’s systems ensure that you have a lot to draw from as you build your business. For instance, Chem-Dry provides cloud-based applications to track customer data so you can offer more personalized service. For example, cloud-based notes can remind you what you did for a customer on a previous visit, so you can ask if they’d like the same rooms cleaned, or for you to focus on other areas. Remembering those details and providing that type of personal service makes a big impression.

Smart, efficient marketing is also an important way to build a client base. Chem-Dry’s technology platform, which you use to schedule appointments and invoice clients, collects customer data and makes it simple to market to your existing customers by sending emails or offering coupons when they may be ready for a follow-up cleaning. By making marketing easier, Chem-Dry makes it easier for franchisees to grow their businesses. Chem-Dry also offers online marketing solutions that franchisees can use to establish strong web presence, which is important for drawing in new customers.

Scaling up operations

As your customer base grows, so will your business. So how do you manage growth? For many types of businesses, scaling up can be tough. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can only fit so many tables in your space, and you can only serve so many customers in a given day. To grow, you need to add on to your building or rent space for a second location. Some of the largest Chem-Dry franchisees have invested in warehouse space to house their operations, but as you are starting out and beginning to grow, you can work from a home office, and serving more customers is as simple as adding another van with equipment. Additional real estate costs shouldn’t become a factor until your business is soaring.

Learn more about starting a Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise

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