Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Franchise Raising Money for National Breast Cancer Foundation

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchises have helped raise more than $100,000 for the cause

national-breast-cancer-foundationBreast cancer has seemingly touched almost every person in the United States. Virtually everyone has a mother, sister, daughter, aunt or friend who has faced the disease. That?s why the Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise is proud to partner with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Our third annual Cleaning for the Cause campaign runs through September and October. Through the hard work and generosity of all of our past participating franchisees, Chem-Dry has raised more than $100,000 for the foundation since 2011, which provides much needed education and help for those impacted by breast cancer.

?First and foremost, this is about supporting a really important cause for ourselves, for our communities and for our customers,? says CEO Dan Tarantin. ?But it?s also about doing something special together as a brand and a network to show people who Chem-Dry is and what we stand for.?

Women are Chem-Dry?s core customers, and Cleaning for the Cause gives the franchise a chance to impact the lives of women in a very positive way. About 220,000 women a year are diagnosed with breast cancer, and early detection is the key to survival. According to the American Cancer Society, 93% of women who are diagnosed in the earliest stages survive at least five years. That?s why the foundation focuses much of its work on education, and that?s why, in addition to Chem-Dry?s donations, other activities like handing out or selling PINK cans of World Famous Spot Remover, wearing pink polos and hats, and decorating vans and equipment with pink ribbon decals help raise awareness about the disease.

Building bonds with customers

Kenny and Tracy Meek

Kenny and Tracy Meek

Kenny and Tracy Meek, who own Chem-Dry of Georgetown, TX, have participated in Cleaning for the Cause since it began in 2011.

?We thought it was a good cause,? Kenny says. ?In addition to offering the PINK cans of spot remover, we did some free cleanings for survivors. It?s a good thing to do and a nice thing, and it also helps the way customers look at you, as far as being a company that wants to help. We live near some retirement communities ? whole neighborhoods that are 55-plus, and word spreads fast about companies that offer great service, and people notice and like when you are giving back.?

Last year, the program became more personal for the Meeks when Tracy?s mother, Candace, was diagnosed with breast cancer. One of the breast cancer survivors who the Meeks serve offered to help take Candace to doctor visits.

?We support the community, and now the community is supporting us,? Kenny said.

Communities embrace companies that show they care, so being part of a large charitable effort makes good business sense, too.

Chris Novy, Ken Novy and Robert Purviance

Chris Novy, Ken Novy and Robert Purviance


Last year Chris Novy, along with partners Ken Novy (his brother) and Robert Purviance, became co-owners of Orange Coast Chem-Dry in Southern California and made Cleaning for the Cause a major part of their marketing effort.

?The majority of our customers are women, so this is something that has a direct connection for them,? says Chris. ?Those bright PINK spotremovercans not only raise money for charity, they go under your customers? sinks and become marketing tools that make customers fond of Chem-Dry every time they open the cabinet.?

In 2012, Orange Coast Chem-Dry donated a percentage of revenue during September and October to Cleaning for the Cause and also volunteered at a local breast cancer charity run.

Chem-Dry is the world?s largest carpet cleaning franchise, with more than 3,500 franchise units worldwide, cleaning 10,000 homes a day. By partnering with the National Breast Cancer Foundation and working together, we can make a huge positive impact on people and their families who are struggling with breast cancer.

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