Low-cost franchise with high ROI? Look at Chem-Dry
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Low-cost franchise with high ROI? Look at Chem-Dry

Chem-Dry earns high marks from Entrepreneur as a low-cost franchise, and the numbers back up the accolades.


You don?t have to be rich to own a franchise. Every year, Entrepreneur magazine compiles a list of the top low-cost franchises available, and every year, Chem-Dry is in the top 10. The numbers back up the ranking. Consider:

? 47 percent of flooring surfaces in U.S. homes are carpet, and about 14 billion square feet are installed each year. That?s a massive market, over $16 Billion annually, and Chem-Dry had about twice as much market share as its nearest competitor in the industry.

 ? $9,995 down is all you need to start a Chem-Dry franchise. Chem-Dry offers in-house financing that makes the rest of the investment affordable.

 ? $111,184 was the average revenue earned per franchise license in 2012, according franchisees who responded to a survey. Average revenue among respondents was up 12 percent from the year before.

 ? $250,297 was the average revenue per franchise owner in 2012, according to franchisees who responded to the survey. Many Chem-Dry franchisees add extra licenses as their business grows, allowing them to expand and earn more money. Many owners who started out with a single van have scaled the business to the point where they now have a dozen or more franchise licenses.

 ? 2,000+ Chem-Dry franchises are operating in the United States, which means new franchisees join a proven and successful brand with wide name recognition. But there is still plenty of room to grow and introduce more customers to Chem-Dry. While Chem-Dry is by far the biggest carpet cleaner in the U.S., it controls just 7.5 percent of the market.

Why customers love Chem-Dry

babyChem-Dry uses a proprietary hot carbonating extraction process to clean carpets, upholstery and other surfaces. The process uses 80 percent less water than steam cleaning and takes just an hour or two to dry rather a day or two with traditional steam cleaning. The fast dry time deters mold and mildew, which can gain a foothold in carpets oversaturated by steam cleaning. Chem-Dry is also safer for kids and pets. Its primary cleaner, The Natural, is green-certified and  doesn?t use any phosphates or detergents. The process is designed to be healthy.

It?s also designed to be effective. The company?s cleaning solutions are designed by chemists who study the best and safest ways to remove stains. That research has led to applications beyond carpet cleaning. Chem-Dry has also mastered methods for cleaning tile and grout, as well as stone surfaces. Remember how we noted that 47 percent of homes have carpeting? With Chem-Dry, even more homes will be able to take advantage of your cleaning prowess, further expanding your pool of potential customers.

 Want to learn more? Read about our startup costs, equipment packages, training and support by visiting our research pages. To read stories from Chem-Dry franchisees, check out our blog. And to start a conversation, give us a call at 1-877-307-8233 or fill out a form to download our free franchise information report. We look forward to talking with you!

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