Hanford Sentinel Interviews New Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Franchise Owner

Navy veteran Ken Nugent launched his Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise a few months ago

Of all the reasons the Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise loves about helping people start their own home-based businesses, nothing gives us a bigger thrill than providing a new platform for success for military veterans and their spouses. Chem-Dry works hard to honor its franchisees by developing the best cleaning technology and business systems, and by offering outstanding support, which is why Entrepreneur magazine has named us a top franchise opportunity, a top low-investment franchise and the best carpet cleaning franchise.

Those honorifics are nice. But what really makes us happy is the fact that so many veterans have come to Chem-Dry to build their post-military careers. As good as a franchisor may be, it takes great local franchise owners to build a world class brand, and there is nobody we?d rather have as part of our team than someone who has proven their excellence and dedication as part of the armed services.

About 25% of the Chem-Dry network is made up of veterans, and The Hanford Sentinel in California recently profiled one of the newest members of the Chem-Dry family:

From their report:


As Ken Nugent runs a carpet cleaner over a local client?s floor, he can?t help but reflect on all the different roles he?s assumed.

If life can be described as a nonstop series of course corrections, Nugent has mastered the art. What he?s doing now, running a Chem-Dry carpet/upholstery-cleaning franchise from Lemoore, seems radically different from his days as an intelligence analyst in the Navy.

Nugent, 40, spent years tracking the enemy, monitoring his movements, predicting what he?d do next. Now he?s monitoring chemicals, calculating estimates and processing paperwork.

?I just wanted to get a little change of pace,? Nugent said.

Nugent, 40, completed 20 years in the Navy. He started as an aviation mechanic, then switched to intelligence. He could have stayed in longer, but he wanted to see what life was like on the outside.

So he retired. It?s was like turning back the clock to age 20, when he joined the Navy largely because he didn?t know what to do with his life. Except this time, with a wife and two kids, he had a far more definite idea of what he needed to do.

Nugent narrowed his list to three home-based businesses: painting, home repair work or a Chem-Dry franchise. His wife, Eunice, voted for Chem-Dry.


Chem-Dry offers discounts to veterans to make the low-investment franchise even more affordable.

Nugent liked the idea. When he was an intelligence analyst, he met a Chem-Dry guy cleaning his military office. Nugent, trained to be suspicious, plied the man with questions about his work and his background.

?I really liked seeing his independence, his ability to schedule as few jobs or as many jobs as he wanted,? Nugent said.

Nugent told the newspaper that he likes owning a business that will be able to employ his two sons. As he builds his business, he also hopes to hire other veterans as carpet cleaning technicians.

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