Carpet Cleaning Franchise’s New Equipment Boosts Bottom Line

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise?s XTS lowers the cost of offering hot carbonating extraction, making it easier to start and grow a business

Chem-Dry's newest equipment lowers the cost of offering hot carbonated extraction, boosting the bottom line for franchise owners.

Chem-Dry’s newest equipment lowers the cost of offering hot carbonated extraction, boosting the bottom line for franchise owners.

When running a business ? whether it?s a carpet cleaning franchise or a sub shop ? success is measured in profits, and there are two ways to turn a profit: grow your revenues and control your costs.

Chem-Dry is focused on both. Our patented method of hot carbonated extraction, training and marketing support help new franchisees grow their businesses by adding customers and maximizing per-job revenues. We?ve also focused over the years on making our systems affordable so that people can buy a Chem-Dry franchise, with as little as $9,995 down, and be able to quickly expand.

For the past few years, we?ve been working on yet another way to reduce costs and boost the bottom line for our franchisees.

Chem-Dry is known for its hot carbonated extraction process, which uses non-toxic cleaning solutions and far less water than steam cleaning. That?s important, because steam cleaning leaves behind chemical residues in carpets that can serve as allergens, and the excessive water used in steam cleaning (which is why steam-cleaned carpets need a full day or two to dry) can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Carpets cleaned by Chem-Dry, in contrast, are dry in an hour or two and are safe for kids and pets. But hot carbonated extraction requires powerful equipment, which is why Chem-Dry has traditionally used truck-mounted vacuum systems that tap into the vehicle?s horsepower to generate exceptionally strong suction.

A few years ago, we decided to study the dynamics that power our equipment to see if there was a more efficient way to deliver hot carbonating extraction. The result is the XTS system, which debuted in late 2012. The XTS was engineered to deliver the same powerful vacuum as our truck-mounted units, while being powered by standard wall outlets rather than by the truck?s gasoline engine. It was also engineered to use commonly-available parts so that ongoing maintenance will be easy and inexpensive.

The result: big savings for both new and veteran franchise owners.

For newcomers to Chem-Dry, the XTS can be purchased for thousands of dollars less than a truck-mounted unit, lowering the cost of starting a business and keeping financing costs lower during your business? start-up phase.

For Chem-Dry veterans, the XTS offers big ongoing costs savings. Bill Sachs, who owns Home Pride Chem-Dry in Orange County, Calif., is holding onto some of his truck-mount systems to handle water damage restoration jobs but says he expects to save about $2,500 a month in fuel costs by using the XTS to replace some of his older truck mounts. In addition to eliminating the need for a gas-powered generator to power the vacuum, the XTS also fits inside much smaller vans that get better fuel efficiency.

?I think it will allow me to take my business to a bigger level,? he said.

You can learn more about Chem-Dry?s equipment packages here. To learn more about the R&D and support that has made Chem-Dry America?s largest carpet cleaner, visit chemdryfranchise.com, where you can find more franchisee reviews on our blog and can fill out a form to download a free franchise information report.

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