Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Franchise Owner on New XTS System: “The Guy Who Has Used It The Most Doesn’t Want To Give It Up”

The XTS, Chem-Dry?s newest cleaning system, is designed to boost the bottom line for Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise owners. So is it working?

We launched the XTS system last fall with a lot of excitement about its potential to save franchisees money and make it easier for them to improve their bottom line. So far, more than 100 XTS units have been ordered, and rather than talk ourselves about what a game-changer the XTS is for Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise owners, we thought it would be better to let one of our franchisees speak for himself.

Bill Sachs and Kathryn Mills pose in front of one of their Home Pride Chem-Dry vans. Bill expects to save up to $2,500 a month thanks to Chem-Dry's latest technology.

Bill Sachs and Kathryn Mills pose in front of one of their Home Pride Chem-Dry vans. Bill expects to save up to $2,500 a month thanks to Chem-Dry’s latest technology.

One of the first franchisees to get an XTS was Bill Sachs of Home Pride Chem-Dry in Orange County, Calif. Bill started with Chem-Dry as a technician in 1994 before buying into the franchise system in 2000. Sachs, 39, now has 10 territories, a fleet of 12 trucks and 24 employees. His busy franchise provided a perfect chance to battle-test the XTS system last fall so we could tweak the equipment and ensure it delivers performance and savings that will allow franchisees to grow their business. Bill hung onto that initial XTS and hopes to have five of them by summer.

Here?s why he?s so enthusiastic:

How is the XTS system?s performance?

Its cleaning ability has been really good ? as good, if not better, than the truck-mounted units. We?re getting dry times that are phenomenal.

Did you have any issues with the XTS in testing?

The testing has allowed us to work out a couple of little bugs ? Harris Research moved some switches around and adjusted the filters ?minor stuff.

How does XTS compare to the more expensive truck-mount units?

With the truck mounts there are so many more working parts and different things you have to do of maintenance. This XTS is really simplified. Just the savings from the maintenance aspect is important. We haven?t had anything break on the XTS, but if it does, the parts are all widely available and inexpensive.

Also, it?s a smaller set of equipment that can go into a smaller vehicle. Some of the full-size vans that I currently run only get about nine miles to the gallon ? but that?s what I need to handle the big truck mounts. With the XTS, I can fit the unit into a much smaller vehicle, like the Ford Transit, that gets 22/27 mpg. If I replace five of my existing vans with the Ford Transits, that alone would save me between $2,200 and $2,500 a month ? just in fuel savings! When we run the numbers, it?s pretty exciting to me ? to say the least ? to be able to save that much money and still have the same cleaning power that we?re used to.

Who will benefit the most?

I think it will benefit different franchisees in different ways. People who own truck mounts may not change over immediately, but if you do change there are obvious benefits.

Smaller franchises will see a real benefit because they?re buying a less expensive equipment package, and they can buy a smaller van. For bigger franchises, the truck mounts only last so long. I?ll probably get rid of some of my truck mounts and go with the XTS since it?s more economical. I think it will allow me to take my business to a bigger level.

Do your technicians mind using the XTS?

Some guys were skeptical at first, but then they were impressed by how well it cleans. It takes a little time to get used to setting it up the first time: Its hoses are a little different and you have to find the plugs for it, stuff that you just have to get used to. The guy who has used it the most doesn?t want to give it up.

Are there any advantages besides cost?

Because it?s portable and it has the cleaning power of a truck-mounted unit, it?s perfect for inside an office building. The way it cleans commercial carpets is pretty amazing. It dries faster than our truck-mounted units, and it cleans at least as well. Everything we?ve done with it has been really good.

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The XTS system is just the latest example of the research and development prowess that helps power the Chem-Dry franchise system. It was engineered to deliver the full power of our hot carbonated extraction in a compact package that is less expensive for franchisees, making it even easier for newcomers to start a Chem-Dry business and giving existing franchise owners a tool to boost profits and speed up expansion plans.

Chem-Dry is one of the top low-investment franchises in the world according to Entrepreneur Magazine. You can start your own business with as little as $9,995 down.

To learn more about the R&D and support that has made Chem-Dry America?s largest carpet cleaner, visit chemdryfranchise.com, where you can find more franchisee reviews on our blog and can fill out a form to download a free franchise information report.


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