Why a Carpet Cleaning Franchise is a Perfect Family-Run Business

Family-run businesses are on the rise, and Chem-Dry?s low cost and great support make it perfect for husband-wife, parent-child business team

Tom and Kristin Schenk

Tom and Kristin Schenk

Franchising in general provides a pretty good framework to start a small, family-owned business, and plenty of parent-child and husband-wife teams in recent years have steered clear of shaky corporate jobs for the relative security of small business ownership through franchising.

Chem-Dry in particular is a great franchise opportunity for families to embrace. It?s low-cost, simple, highly scalable and family-friendly, too. Here are five reasons why families looking for small business opportunities should take a good, long look at Chem-Dry.

Chem-Dry franchise affordability and financing

Most of the franchise candidates we talk to don?t have a tremendous amount of money to drop, certainly not the million-plus it takes to start up most food franchises.

That?s why Chem-Dry is such a popular and valuable option for entrepreneurs, who can start a Chem-Dry franchise for as little as $9,995 down and $34,000 total ? about as good a deal as you?re likely to find. In addition, we offer something unusual in the franchising industry: in-house financing with low interest rates, a true blessing when banks are still reluctant to issue small business loans to all but the most risk-free candidates.

Entrepreneur magazine, which has ranked us on its prestigious Franchise 500 list for an astonishing 25 straight years, consistently ranks us among the top low-cost franchise opportunities. That?s no accident.

Chem-Dry home-based franchise

Chem-Dry is a business you can easily run from home, saving overhead and office rent. Some of our most successful franchise owners have home-based businesses, even after years in the system; take Rob Cochran and his wife, Karen, who run one of our top-performing franchises out of their home in Frederick, Md. They don?t need an office to succeed spectacularly. That?s great for couples who don?t want long hours at an office to cut into their time with children and each other.

Paying Chem-Dry forward

Karen and Rob Cochran (Graham Cullen, The Frederick News-Post)

Karen and Rob Cochran (Graham Cullen, The Frederick News-Post)

Not only are family-owned small businesses on the rise, an increasing number plan to pass ownership of the business to a family member when they retire. A recent study by the consulting and tax advisory firm PwC found that 66 percent of American family-owned business owners plan to hand the keys to children at retirement; that?s the highest percentage since 2007 and a significant jump from just two years ago.

That kind of ?dad-and-grad? phenomenon is certainly something we?re seeing at Chem-Dry. We hear all the time from people like Tom Messina and his daughter Kristin Schenk, who own and run our location in Riverside, Calif. ?What?s cool is that when he?s ready to retire, I?ll be taking over,? Kristin says, ?and it?s good that someone like me can do this, too.?

Chem-Dry simplicity

Unlike some franchises with complex systems that require detailed and time-consuming training, Chem-Dry is a business you can run after a week?s training at either of our headquarters, in Logan, Utah, or Nashville. If you?re prepared to work hard, especially in the first year, and you know how to market, there?s no reason why you can?t thrive.

A scalable business

Once you get rolling with Chem-Dry, you can make some serious money: In 2010, the average Chem-Dry franchise license pulled in $99,246 in revenue, and the average franchise owner ? who typically owns multiple licenses ? made $246,718. That?s pretty good for a franchise you can start for as little as $10,000.

That?s another reason why Chem-Dry is such a great ?dad-and-grad? business. Often, the parent has spent his career doing something else and just wants a solid investment to shore up his retirement and an opportunity for his children to make some money and start a career. Tom and Kristin are a good example: Kristin manages the office and markets the business, preparing to take over when Tom retires. Chem-Dry offers parents an excellent opportunity to build a thriving business they can simply pass to their children when the time comes ? and their children already will have developed the skills they need to do the job.

Tough to beat, isn?t it? If you?re looking for a great small business opportunity for yourself and your family, you should take a good look at Chem-Dry. Fill out the form on this site, download our free franchise report and get ready to have a detailed, fun conversation with one of our franchise development folks, who?ll be happy to talk with you!

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