Chem-Dry Grows Internationally Despite Unrest and Uncertainty

From the Caribbean to Turkey, Chem-Dry is increasing its presence across the globe thanks to a business model and ROI structure that transcends borders

Chem-Dry cleaning franchise locations are in more than 50 countries around the world, and that number is increasing thanks to strong marketing efforts, as well as a receptive audience to the value that franchise ownership brings.


Yücel Adıgüzel is operating the a Chem-Dry cleaning franchise in Turkey. As a Master Franchise operator, he soon will bring other franchisees on board.

“We are always presenting the Chem-Dry franchise opportunity to entrepreneurs worldwide,” says John Howard, Vice President of International Development. “Chem-Dry has always pursued an active international expansion strategy, and we recently expanded into Trinidad and Tobago, as well as Barbados, in the Caribbean. Across the world, we have opened a Chem-Dry cleaning franchise in Turkey.”

Succeeding in risky areas

Chem-Dry’s success on the international scene, despite unrest and uncertainty in many countries due to economic issues or neighboring conflicts, shows that entrepreneurs are hungry for opportunity no matter what their circumstances. In Turkey, for example, franchise owner Yücel Adıgüzel is getting his Chem-Dry cleaning franchise up and running despite political unrest and a tough economic climate.

“I wanted to find a franchise with a strong international presence, and one that also had a business model that was unique, not yet in Turkey. I also wanted a brand that leaves its customers happier after the service,” Yücel says. “Chem-Dry looked like what I was searching for.”

“Turkey is now in an economically hard time,” he adds, “With Chem-Dry, I do not need to have a retail store, only a van and the equipment to operate. That is very cost-effective, because high revenues will mean a better profit.”

ROI is significant and immediate

Chem-Dry succeeds internationally in large part because it takes a close look at each market it’s going into and learns the cultural and governmental factors that may come into play.

“We work closely with our franchise owners wherever they are, and we make sure that they are able to offer our products and services in a way that adds value to their local community,” John says. “By making sure that we understand their culture, we’re not offering a cookie-cutter franchise solution that will not work where they live. They understand and appreciate that, which is why our first Chem-Dry cleaning franchise owners in these countries often are signing Master Franchise agreements. That means that person will soon be overseeing a network of franchises in that country.

“We are continuing to prove the value of the Chem-Dry cleaning franchise model all around the world, and we look forward to entering new markets and growing in our existing ones during the coming months.”

Chem-Dry is the world’s largest carpet cleaning franchise with nearly 3,500 franchises that serve 10,000 homes a day. We are Entrepreneur magazine’s top-rated carpet cleaning franchise for 28 straight years and one of its Top 10 choices for low-cost franchises. Our Hot Carbonating Extraction process delivers a faster-drying, deeper, healthier clean that appeals to both homeowners and business owners — and the process can be used to clean tile and stone, upholstery, leather and other surfaces, such as granite.

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