Two New Franchisees Fight Through Tough Times To Join Nation’s Best Carpet Cleaner

Great products, caring people persuade Zack Fight of Kentucky, Wes Parkinson of Michigan that Chem-Dry is the best carpet cleaner franchise

Zack Fight

Let us introduce you to a couple of special guys. Our latest Chem-Dry franchisees overcame big challenges to start Chem-Dry franchise businesses in new areas for us.

Wes Parkinson of Grand Rapids, Mich., and Zack Fight of Madisonville, Ky., are the kind of people we look for in Chem-Dry franchise owners: experienced at small business, smart, adaptable and willing to plow through difficulty to reach their goals.

Wes has owned a title insurance firm since 1999, when he graduated from Michigan State with a business degree. But he started to look into franchises as a way to diversify ? food franchises, service industry, whatever caught his eye. He decided to buy one of our franchises because, being in a home service industry, he?d seen our work and knew we didn?t have a franchise in western Michigan.

Wes was all set to move forward with his training and opening in late spring. Then, a few weeks ago, he tore the anterior cruciate ligament in one of his knees while playing pickup basketball at lunch.

The injury has pushed him back, but it hasn?t deterred him. He plans to open in July now, serving customers in Kent and northern Allegan counties. Wes understands the Chem-Dry difference: the fact that its hot carbonated water extraction method is a drier, cleaner, healthier way to clean carpet and other surfaces. Steam-cleaned carpet takes days to dry, which gives mold and mildew time to take hold. Chem-Dry, because it uses one-fifth of the water, takes mere hours to dry.

?There?s certainly a lot of competition, but they all offer exactly the same thing ? all the machines, hot steamed water. We offer something better,? Wes says. ?If I didn?t believe in it, I wouldn?t do it.? That?s the spirit. Good luck, Wes!

Zack Fight had to overcome an even bigger obstacle. He just opened his Chem-Dry location in a home damaged by a tornado ? part of an outbreak of 45 twisters that ripped through parts of Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia on March 2. Zack and his three children took shelter in their house during a tornado so strong, he says, ?it sucked the water out of my commodes.?

But they lived, and Zack?s house remained intact, although with roof and siding damage that delayed his opening until late April. But he?s serving customers now, confident that he?s joined the right franchise system.

What sealed it was a call just after the tornado from Bill Knight, our vice president of franchise development. Bill had heard about the storms in the area and wanted to know how Zack and his family had fared.

?That was huge. I hadn?t even bought a franchise yet. I had never met the guy,? Zack says. ?I looked at OxyFresh and Heaven?s Best and Sears, all of that. When Bill called, I quit looking at everything else.?

That?s one aspect of the Chem-Dry difference ? we care about people. It didn?t take Zack long to grasp the others.

Zack worked for Stanley Steemer as a college student, and he hired them not long ago to clean his carpet. He wasn?t impressed. It took three days to dry, he says, and the local office wouldn?t return his calls after the job was done.

?Carpets Chem-Dry treats dry in an hour, hour and a half, and they look great.? he says. ?Chem-Dry doesn?t use chemicals and dries quicker, which makes it way healthier.?

We welcome both of these gentlemen into the Chem-Dry family and say without hesitation: Guys, we?re proud to have both of you on the team. If you think you might want to take the same step Zack and Wes took, joining the world?s largest carpet cleaner and one of the best low-investment franchise opportunities out there, give us a visit at www.chemdry.com or www.chemdryfranchise.com!

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