Chem-Dry Franchise CEO Discusses Work-Life Balance in Major Interview

Keeping a healthy emotional balance is necessary for a productive work life and a happy personal one, according to Chem-Dry’s Dan Tarantin

When well-known business consultant and author Dr. Alan Zimmerman asks a CEO for his thoughts on work-life balance, it’s a powerful indicator of that person’s expertise. So, when Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise owners look to CEO Dan Tarantin for his thoughts on how to manage a growing, successful business with an equally busy personal life, they’ve come to the right person.

Recently Tarantin sat down with Dr. Zimmerman for an interview where he broke down the concept of emotional intelligence and how that helps meet the challenges of juggling small business and personal-life goals, and how Chem-Dry franchise owners are able to do both thanks to a culture that promotes work-life balance.

Secrets of success are outlined

As Tarantin talked about his own life and career development, he spoke of the lessons learned. Among those are his first secret of success: work and learn. By working hard and learning whatever business you’re in, he says, you can develop leadership skills that follow you the rest of your life.

Tarantin then discussed the importance of listening, and how approaching colleagues with a teachable attitude and seeing them as mentors was very helpful not only in shortening his learning curve, but also in earning respect — especially when he was younger and dealing with more seasoned professionals.

Discovering passions, offering respect

Learning what drives other people — their passion — also has been helpful to Tarantin. He says he believes that, along with respecting the emotions of anyone with whom he engages, can help anyone in a business where personal interactions are common.

All this combines to create leaders who are very plugged in to the world around them, and those are the people who become successful Chem-Dry cleaning franchise owners. And when they have issues around building their own emotional intelligence, they have a ready-made source at corporate headquarters to seek out for advice!

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