Rob Ellis Finds Ways to Grow Carpet Cleaning Business With Help from Chem-Dry


Former independent carpet cleaner has so much business he has to ?turn people away? after joining the Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise

Rob Ellis? carpet cleaning equipment was starting to break down, and he knew he was going to need to replace it. After 13 years as owner of an independent carpet cleaning business in Fairbanks and North Pole, Alaska, he was also tired of being on his own amid a sea of competitors serving the 80,000-person area. He wanted to differentiate his carpet cleaning business from the crowd, so started researching franchises that could give him some brand-name recognition to add upon the great reputation he had built in the community. That?s how he found Chem-Dry.

Ellis converted his existing carpet cleaning business into Golden Heart Chem-Dry seven years ago, bought some PowerBase equipment and began wowing his customers anew. Carpets that previously took two or three days to dry were now dry in one or two hours, the cleaning solutions did an amazing job, and the safe and non-toxic cleaning methods impressed. The Chem-Dry name brought him a lot of new customers, too.

?Fort Wainwright and Eielson Air Force Base are here, and a lot of service members have used Chem-Dry somewhere else and had a great experience, so when they come here, they?re glad to be able to still work with Chem-Dry,? Ellis said.

Ellis, 53, recently added a new piece of equipment, the XTS system, which allows him to offer hot carbonating extraction for the first time. Hot carbonating extraction uses the power of carbonation to knock dirt and grime free from carpet fibers without the use of harsh chemicals or phosphates, which enables Chem-Dry to offer a deep cleaning that is non-allergenic and safe for kids and pets. The XTS machine debuted in late 2012, joining other patented cleaning solutions and equipment that keep Chem-Dry ahead of competitors.

?This new XTS machine, oh my goodness,? he says. ?It does such a great job.? It also allows him to cope better with the Alaskan winters. ?When it?s 50-below, it?s hard to keep a truck-mounted system from freezing up, but the XTS puts the motor right on top of the vacuum, so everything is inside and protected,? he said.

Ellis says Chem-Dry?s benefit to his business has come from more than superior equipment and cleaning solutions ? it?s also come from access to training.

New Chem-Dry franchisees receive extensive training in the first year, have continual access to a business coach throughout their partnership with Chem-Dry, and can also attend regional conferences and national conventions to learn new strategies for improving their business. Ellis went to the annual convention in Las Vegas in February 2013 and learned about generational marketing techniques ? the best ways to communicate with Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers in order to win jobs. ?It has made a big difference,? he says. He is currently taking part in an Extreme Business Coaching course which is helping him get better control of his business? financial data ? a big step as Ellis considers adding another van to his business or even expanding into Anchorage.

?I have more work than I can handle right now,? he says. ?I often turn people away ? probably two or three jobs a week. I?m making good money, and I know there?s the potential to expand and make a lot more. Coaching is helping me learn how to get there.?

How to turn your carpet cleaning business into a Chem-Dry franchise

Chem-Dry has helped dozens of existing carpet cleaning businesses grow by joining one of the top-rated franchises in America. Chem-Dry is the No. 1 carpet cleaning franchise according to Entrepreneur magazine, which has also ranked the business among the top low-cost franchise opportunities.

Founded in 1977, Chem-Dry is the largest carpet cleaning company in America. You can learn about the processes, research and training that sets us apart at www.chemdryfranchise.com. You can also read interviews with our franchisees on our blog. For even more information, download our free franchise report or give us a call at 855-811-2436.

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