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Chem-Dry Franchise Owners Rave About New Wood-Floor Cleaning Capability

Whole-home cleaning, and the related revenue and profitability bump, is more attainable than ever with new products and services for wood floors

When Chem-Dry franchise owners got the chance to offer input on the brand’s new wood-floor cleaning capabilities, they didn’t waste any time. And small wonder: Since debuting the line of equipment and cleaning products earlier this year, franchise owners have been able to significantly ramp up ticket totals and earn more revenue.

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“We have doubled down on our commitment to bringing new products and services to the market, all around our ‘whole home’ cleaning concept that allows for more opportunities on each job,” says Doug Smith, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development. “Wood floors have been in our sights for a long time, and we’re thrilled that the franchise owners have taken to the offering so quickly and completely.”

Chem-Dry Franchise owners love easy-to-use equipment

“Wood-floor cleaning has been an awesome addition to my business,” says Colton Withrow, owner of CJ’s Chem-Dry in Minneapolis, Minn. “It provides a quality, deep clean in a very short time. I absolutely love that the wood floor scrubber gets the stuck-on dirt from the seams of the wood planks. That’s the biggest compliment I get! The scrubber is very easy to maneuver and does a great job getting right up to the edge, and with the floating handle you can get under counters and tables without any issue.”

“I feel the wood floor scrubber has a professional grade look to it that customers notice and appreciate,” adds Phil Manwarren, owner of Chem-Dry Northeast in Clark’s Summit, Penn. “It cleans right up to the wall and I feel it does a thorough deep scrubbing of the floors. It takes up very little room in the van, so it is easy to always have it with you and ready to go.”

Easy upsells thanks to desirable service and performance

Owners also love how the wood-floor services have taken off in their markets, making upselling even easier as time goes on.

“As of now, my only advertising is word of mouth and in-home upselling,” Withrow says. “It has been very profitable and there is absolutely no reason not to be offering this service.”

“An average size room can be cleaned in 15-20 minutes,” Manwarren points out. “This makes adding Wood Floor Cleaning to an existing carpet cleaning job very feasible and profitable. When we are in a customer’s home and we notice they have wood flooring we will ask to perform an estimate. We always give the option of just cleaning or cleaning and applying a polish coat. I’d say about 50% of wood floor jobs we have performed included the polish. With this new service offering we can clean virtually any flooring in homes and businesses, so add wood floor cleaning to your franchise as soon as you can.  Customers have been asking us for this service for a long time and I’m thrilled we can finally offer it. 

Chem-Dry is the world’s largest carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise with more than 3,000 franchises in more than 55 countries, serving 11,000 homes and businesses a day. Chem-Dry has been Entrepreneur magazine’s top-rated carpet cleaning franchise for 31 straight years. The Chem-Dry Hot Carbonating Extraction process delivers a faster-drying, deeper and more environmentally friendly clean that appeals to home and business owners. In addition to carpet and area rugs, Chem-Dry provides cleaning and renewal services for tile and stone, granite countertops, leather and upholstery, air ducts and dryer vents.

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