Chem-Dry Franchise Owners Successfully Combat Sick Building Syndrome

An office should be as clean as a home; if not, illnesses can mount, and productivity will lessen. A fixable problem? Chem-Dry says yes.

Indoor air pollutants can be two to five times more dangerous than outdoor pollutants, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Every Chem-Dry cleaning franchise owner knows this — and makes sure that potential residential customers know it, too.

But people don’t spend all their time at home; they spend eight hours or more a day in their workplace, so that location also needs cleaning attention.

“The World Health Organization estimates that one in three workers is made sick by their workplace,” says Dan Tarantin, President and CEO. “When we talk to business owners, we talk to them about ‘sick building syndrome,’ where both seen and unseen dirt and allergens can have a negative effect on workers’ health.”

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Symptoms and the culprits

The most common symptoms reported by people who work in sick buildings include headaches, nausea, dizziness, irritability and eye/nose/throat irritation. These conditions not only negatively impact their short and long-term health, but they also impact their work performance.

“A Chem-Dry cleaning franchise team can come in and assess the entire space, looking at different areas, and even floors if it’s a large building, and then categorize each into high, medium and low traffic zones,” Dan says. “In addition to daily vacuuming, each zone should have monthly, quarterly and yearly professional deep cleaning, respectively.”

Hotspots for trouble include HVAC systems, which should have their filters checked regularly. Soft items, such as carpet, upholstery and curtains, act as air filters removing allergens from the air by absorbing and trapping them in the web of their fabric. (In fact, carpets can collect up to one pound of dirt per square foot, which is why it’s important to have them professionally cleaned on a regular cycle.)

“Including these additional filters in any indoor space cleaning regimen will greatly improve the air quality,” Dan says.

Tangible benefits right away

A Chem-Dry cleaning franchise crew can quickly and efficiently handle all those areas, and our patented low-moisture cleaning process means that there’ll be no moisture left behind in carpets or below surfaces — mold never has a chance to develop. And our environmentally friendly cleaning products leave behind no harsh odors or residue.

“Right away, there will be an increase in worker productivity. When people feel happy and healthy, they’re motivated to perform better,” Dan says. “They will see, and appreciate, the measures being taken to provide them with a healthy workplace.”

“What’s more,” he adds, “employers will see a drop in lost time to go along with that increased productivity, so it’s a double win for them. That results in less stress for everyone, which creates a happier workplace, as well as a healthier and more productive one.”

Even better, employees who enjoy their workplaces tend to stay put longer. That can reduce turnover and training costs, which also helps the company’s bottom line. And it all starts with a Chem-Dry cleaning franchise and the services it provides to homes and businesses in the communities it serves.

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