Chem-Dry Announces Master Franchise Agreement for Cambodia

Nashville, TN – Chem-Dry has signed a Master Franchise agreement for Cambodia with Sokny Sao, an established business owner in the capital city of Phnom Penh.

Sao, manager of Major Platinum Cineplex Co, and a rapidly expanding multiplex operator, says that Chem-Dry makes sense as an addition to his business as well as a standalone enterprise.

“We currently outsource all cleaning for our cinemas to other companies, and wanted to find a way to clean our own carpets, floor tiles and upholstered cinema chairs,” Sao said.  “It’s not easy to find one vendor who can do all that, so when I learned about Chem-Dry and saw that it could perform those services and more, I decided that owning and operating my own franchise would be ideal.”

Chem-Dry is the world’s largest carpet and upholstery and hard surface floor cleaning franchise with nearly 3,500 franchises, serving 10,000 homes and businesses a day.  Chem-Dry is aggressively seeking master franchise owners who want to bring this successful American brand to their country.  Master franchisees own the franchising rights to an entire region or country.

Finding franchise owners isn’t a problem for Sao, who has two already confirmed just through his network of business contacts.  He will grant franchises to owners who wish to support a single industry, such as he is doing with his movie multiplexes, and then will follow Chem-Dry’s territory model for geographical expansion.

“There are many people here who are looking for opportunities to start a small business, or find a business that compliments operations they already have,” he said.  “Chem-Dry is very appealing because of its long history and established business practices.”

“Chem-Dry’s more than 40 years of success in the United States and more than 50 countries around the world shows that this is a long-term, stable business opportunity,” said Joe Manuszak, Vice President of Global Development.  “We are excited to see the success that Sokny is already having in Cambodia as a new Master Franchise owner, and look forward to working with him and other entrepreneurs as Chem-Dry continues to take off in other markets throughout Southeast Asia.”

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