“Be Thankful”: Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Franchise Owner Shares His Approach to Customer Service

Maryland-based Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise owner Gary Palmieri practices the art of gratitude to gain new customers and retain old ones

Chem-Dry has a customer loyalty rate of 96%, which means that the vast majority of people who choose Chem-Dry will come back. Franchisee Gary Palmieri says developing that repeat business has been key to the success of his franchise for more than 20 years, and he knows that remembering that customers come first is how to earn it.

In a recent interview with The Capital Gazette of Annapolis, Maryland, Palmieri explains to correspondent Marcia Hall: “Understand the process of your paycheck being earned by the people who walk through your doors. If they don’t walk through your doors, then you might be out of a job … because the friendly place down the street has all your business.”

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From follow-up calls to sending movie tickets to customers who refer new business, Palmieri has developed creative ways of showing gratitude to customers. He shares some of his guiding principles for customer appreciation, which include, “Be friendly and personable through the whole process,” and, “Do what you say you will.” Palmieri, who runs C & G Chem-Dry in Odenton, Maryland, lets gratitude guide his life and strives to always show others how valuable they are to him as both customers and more importantly, as friends.

Gary believes that when someone invites you into their home to perform a service, it should be considered an honor, and performing that job to the best of your ability should be basic human kindness.


Palmieri is not alone in consistently expressing gratitude to his customers. Across the country, Chem-Dry franchisees work to ensure that their customers know how valued they are and how much their business is appreciated. Customers have countless options for carpet cleaning, but their continued loyalty to Chem-Dry is a testament to the strength of the brand and the quality of its franchisees.

To read more of Gary’s interview with the Capital Gazette, visit the original article here.

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