Meet the Coach Who Helps New Chem-Dry Franchise Owners Get Started

Q&A with Quickstart Coach Luke Nesbit, who helps Chem-Dry franchise owners get off to a running start.

Chem-Dry franchise Quickstart Coach Luke Nesbit

Luke Nesbit

You’ve dreamed of opening your own business, you’ve made the big investment, and you’ve finally opened your doors. Now what? Next begins the scramble of finding customers and navigating the worlds of marketing and customer service. Chem-Dry is one of the only franchise systems to provide first-year franchisees with a dedicated coach to assist them through every step of starting a new business. To find out more about this unique and beneficial program, we sat down with Chem-Dry’s new Quickstart Coach Luke Nesbit, who shared his goals and passion for the carpet cleaning franchise.

Luke, can you tell us a bit about your background?

Absolutely! I got my B.A. in health care administration and am currently working on my master’s in an MBA program. It’s a lot of work, but I find the information that I gain from my academic pursuits can be really beneficial for the new franchisees I come in contact with. In the past, I worked for some very large, global companies, like GE Healthcare, where I did a lot of their global customer service training. About four years ago, I opened my own business, Leading Edge Financial, which is a construction financing company. Because of my experience as a small business owner, I have an understanding of what our new franchisees go through and come up against on a daily basis. I’ve been married to my lovely wife, Natalie, for 10 years, and we have two boys: Daxton, 5, and Brody, 2.

How and why did you become a part of the Chem-Dry team?

I found out about the opportunity to become a business coach with Chem-Dry through LinkedIn. A former colleague who now works for Chem-Dry posted the opening, and I knew that if she worked for this company, it must be good! As I went through the interview process and learned more about Chem-Dry, I realized how right I was. I was drawn to the company largely because of the people and the culture they create together. These are some of the most personable individuals I have had the pleasure of working with and it’s great because we are all working toward the same goal. It also appealed to me because I get to be on the other side of the fence for new business owners and support them as they work through challenges that I have faced in the past.

What does your position entail?

The main focus of my position is to get a new franchisee’s business up and running as fast as possible. We want them to be as successful as possible, and we do that through a week of hands-on training, constant coaching and continued upbeat, motivational contact. Starting a new business takes effort, so the best thing I can do is be the guy on the other end of the phone cheering you on through those business-building days, providing guidance, helping you set goals and continuing to help our franchisees grow their passion for what they do throughout the day for their customers and families.

Can you give us some details about the Quickstart Program?

Quickstart is designed to give new franchisees access to their own personal business coach who will be with them every step of their first 12-18 months in business. We start with pre-training events to help them get ready to absorb everything they can during the week of hands-on training. We continue to work with them through the hands-on training, answering any lingering questions they may have and making sure they have a clear understanding of processes and products. After the first initial weeks of training, we help them implement best business practices for their businesses through monthly phone calls, financial analytics, goal-setting and benchmarking. It’s really a lot of fun, I meet new people and everyone is great!

Chem-Dry franchise

What kind of support is available after that first year?

Once they’ve completed the Quickstart program, franchisees are transitioned to our standard training program. In this program, they will still have a business coach to support and guide them in their operations. And these guys are great. They have years of experience with Chem-Dry and a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend using them as a resource throughout your Chem-Dry career.

What are your goals for the franchisees you work with?

First and foremost is get them up and running quickly and profitably, but it extends well beyond that. I want to help them understand that they can have any level of success they want with a Chem-Dry franchise, and I will go through and set process and action items that will allow them to achieve whatever goals they may have. If they want to build a five-van, multi-territory business, then I will get them in that mindset and moving toward that level of success, holding them accountable for their results.

What sets Chem-Dry’s coaching apart from others?

The Quickstart program is unique to Chem-Dry. Other franchises don’t have a coach dedicated to new franchisees from the get-go. I think it’s fantastic that Chem-Dry offers new franchisees this kind of resource. A new franchisee’s challenges are unique compared to someone whose business is already well established, so you have to have someone who is constantly in the trenches with them, addressing any difficulties that may arise and telling them the kind of success we will work together to achieve. The fact that there is someone there all the time is unique in my opinion. You just don’t see that in other businesses.

What’s your best advice for someone considering a Chem-Dry franchise?

Understand that you’re not just buying a franchise — you’re buying an entire family, from the corporate staff to the network of existing franchisees. We all have the same goal of making Chem-Dry and its individual owners successful. Use these resources. It’s phenomenal how many times I’ve called an existing franchisee and said, “I have a new franchisee who wants to come over and see how you do this.” The response is always a resounding, “Absolutely!” You really are gaining an entire family when you become a Chem-Dry franchisee.

And just get ready. Once you become a Chem-Dry franchisee, the fun is just beginning. We are in contact with you from day one, and it’s a whirlwind of excitement and success.

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Chem-Dry is the world’s largest carpet cleaning franchise with more than 3,500 locations that serve 10,000 homes a day. It is Entrepreneur magazine’s top-rated carpet cleaning franchise and one of its Top 10 choices for low-cost and home-based franchises. Our hot carbonating extraction process delivers a faster-drying, deeper, healthier clean that appeals to homeowners and business owners — and the process can be used to clean tile and stone, upholstery and other surfaces besides carpet.

For in-depth details about the Chem-Dry franchise opportunity, download our free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting our research pages.

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