Does the Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Franchise Have an Annual Convention?


The 2014 Chem-Dry convention will be held at Buena Vista Resort at Walt Disney World.

The 2014 Chem-Dry convention will be held at Buena Vista Resort at Walt Disney World.

The Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise brings its franchisees together each February to learn, network, be inspired ? and have a lot of fun!

One of the most anticipated events each year for the Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise is its annual convention. That?s for good reason ? it?s a chance for Chem-Dry franchise owners to come together to network, learn from one another, learn from experts, be inspired and have a lot of fun.

The Chem-Dry annual convention is held each February. The February convention gives franchisees new tools and knowledge before spring and summer cleaning kicks their businesses into high gear.

One of the huge advantages of being part of a franchise is the fact that while you own your own business, you are not alone. Chem-Dry franchise owners have 1,100 peers in North America, and they call upon one another for advice and solutions to challenges that are common to all small businesses, as well as solutions to some challenges that are specific to the carpet cleaning industry. The back-and-forth allows franchisees to strengthen one another?s businesses and also build friendships. The annual convention is where new friendships begin and old friendships flourish. Chem-Dry?s parent company, Harris Research, is available to answer questions and offer support, too, but there?s nothing quite like having a peer to call for some ground-level advice.


Kati and Glenn Buckland

?The first convention we went to was in 2002,? says Kati Buckland, a partner in Chem-Dry of New Mexico along with her husband Glenn, who started the business 28 years ago, and Pat Wallace, who started with Chem-Dry 34 years ago. ?On the very first day of our first convention we met Karl Fonger of Southwest Chem-Dry, who gave us one idea that we couldn?t believe we hadn?t thought of. We had been using call waiting to alert us when someone was trying to call the business, and he suggested we get a phone system with multiple phone lines so that people would be able to get through when they called. How many customers were we losing with that stupid call waiting? He opened our eyes that we were shortchanging our businesses? potential. We added phone lines, and that one change immediately boosted our revenue.?

“Integrating ourselves with the network of franchisees and HRI has made us better business people. I now have a network of friends who I can call to work through ideas. It?s transformed who we are and what we are able to give back. Now we?re mentors for new franchise owners and have partnerships with people all over the country.?

Chem-Dry owner Deb Purcell poses with football great Doug Flutie during the 2013 Chem-Dry convention in Las Vegas.

Chem-Dry owner Deb Purcell poses with football great Doug Flutie during the 2013 Chem-Dry convention in Las Vegas.

In addition to offering a networking opportunity, the convention brings together business experts to help educate Chem-Dry owners. At our last convention, topics included Generational Marketing (how you can tailor your messages to different age groups to improve sales), HR issues for small businesses, strategies for improving the value of your business, and how to improve the customer experience.

The convention is also designed to inspire. At our last convention, in Las Vegas, football great Doug Flutie talked about the importance of leadership and teamwork ? two things that our franchisees exude and which has helped Chem-Dry thrive.

And, last but certainly not least, the convention is designed to be fun. In addition to Las Vegas, we?ve also held conventions in Cancun and on cruise ships. Our next convention is at Walt Disney World. We know that traveling to a convention is a big commitment for franchisees, so we want ours to double as a vacation.

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