Minister, Oil Man, Businessman Find Opportunities with Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Franchise

New franchise owners are among dozens who have recently joined America?s largest carpet cleaning franchise

Mike Dickey

Mike Dickey

For Mike Dickey, the Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise was the answer to a prayer. For Brent John, it meant the freedom to stay in one place. And for Nazar Osman, it just made good business sense.

The three are among dozens who have recently partnered with Chem-Dry, the nation?s largest carpet cleaning franchise, which recently celebrated its 25th consecutive year ranked among top franchises by Entrepreneur magazine, which also named Chem-Dry one of the 10 best low-investment franchises.

Dickey, the pastor of First Baptist Church in Clint, Texas, started Chem-Dry of El Paso to help his community. Dickey, 44, worked part-time for a Chem-Dry owner 20 years ago and was impressed. At First Baptist, many prayer requests were for something simple: jobs. Dickey thought back to Chem-Dry and realized he could build a business that would put people back to work.

Brent John

Brent John

?As a pastor, I?m always telling people to put their faith in God and put their feet on the floor to make things better,? he said. He launched his business in February.

John, 46, opened Tarrant County Chem-Dry in Fort Worth, Texas, after years traveling the country securing mineral rights leases for oil companies. He heard about Chem-Dry on ESPN Radio, and relished the chance to build a business that would keep him near his family.

Nazar Osman

Nazar Osman

?The opportunity is vast,? he said. ?Homes and businesses need their carpet cleaned, and Chem-Dry does it better than anyone else.?

Osman, 41, opened Chem-Dry of Palm Beach in West Palm Beach, Fla., in March. Osman was a computer programmer before the dot-com bust resulted in tech industry layoffs. He used his savings to start a beauty supply company in West Palm Beach, which thrived by serving low-income customers, but was hurt by the Great Recession. Osman started looking for a recession-resistant business that caters to people with more disposable income.

A friend who had owned another carpet cleaning business gave him some advice: ?He told me that if you go with a carpet cleaning company, go with Chem-Dry.?

The advice has panned out so far.

?We?ve already added a second van,? Osman said. ?The future looks very good.?

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