Chem-Dry Annual Executive Retreat Builds Better Businesses — and It’s a Lot of Fun, Too

Chem-Dry top performers learn about marketing, new initiatives, hear from renowned economist


Ed Quinlan, our vice president of franchise services, delivers a presentation during our executive retreat.

Every year, we invite about 40 of our top performers to an executive retreat to greet each other, exchange ideas, update them about important Chem-Dry developments and, yes, have a terrific time. Last week, we held our two-and-a-half-day retreat at the Embassy Suites near Vanderbilt University in Nashville, home to our new regional headquarters.

Our CEO, Dan Tarantin, welcomed everyone Wednesday before kicking off a series of informative sessions on business development, effective training techniques, adding value to your business and marketing.

Wrapping up Friday was a speech about this year?s presidential election and the economic issues at stake by a world-renowned economist, Dr. Arthur Laffer, a former advisor to President Reagan and a man generally regarded as the father of supply-side economics (some of you may be familiar with his famous curve). He lives and owns a consulting firm in Nashville. That?s not the caliber of speaker you?d get from most franchise systems, that?s for sure.

We?ve found these retreats are a great way to build cohesion and camaraderie among our most successful franchise owners, the folks on the front lines of our business who can speak with authority on trends, what?s working and what isn?t. That?s one of the main benefits of Chem-Dry franchise ownership: the superb team of experienced, skilled entrepreneurs willing to share what they?ve learned with each other and with new owners. It?s a critical part of our support for franchise candidates!

Of course, our folks had lots of fun, too. The breaks between sessions were devoted to games and drawings, and cocktail hours, dinners and excursions ? our folks had their choice of golf, spa, Country Music Hall of Fame or the hilarious NashTrash tour ? guaranteed that everybody enjoyed themselves as much as they learned.

So if you?re thinking about joining a growing franchise system that offers one of the best values in the industry, great scalability and stimulating support like this, Chem-Dry is a brand worth looking at. You can find out a lot more by filling out our form and downloading our free franchise information report on the website.

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