Why Chem-Dry Franchise Stands At Peak of Carpet Cleaning Business


Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise has edge in market position, products, professionalism

Chem-Dry’s patented equipment gives our carpet cleaning business owners a big advantage over their competitors.

Why is Chem-Dry the world?s largest carpet cleaner?

Why does it hold the biggest individual share in the industry?

Why, even at more than 3,500 units worldwide and in a stagnant economy, does Chem-Dry continue in its expansion with no sign of slowing down?

It?s a combination of factors: our advantageous position in the surface cleaning market; proven, environmentally friendly products; and the professionalism of our employees in contrast to most of our competitors.

Carpet cleaning business = steady work

Carpet cleaning is big business broken into a lot of small pieces. In the United States, it?s a $3.8 million industry with a long-term growth trend ? a 6.2 percent average annual growth rate from 1987 to 2009, according to a November 2011 industry analysis from the Florida market research firm, Marketdata Enterprises. But no one company dominates. We have the single biggest market share at 7 percent.

The recession curbed industry growth ? no industry went unaffected ? but it?s telling that overall revenues still grew about 2 percent per year even in 2010 and 2011, indicating carpet cleaning weathers even the worst economic storms well. And Marketdata predicts continued growth for the industry, reaching $4.41 billion in receipts by 2015.

When you?re thinking about about buying a franchise, one of the main things you have to consider is longevity. Will today?s white-hot gourmet croissant franchise turn into tomorrow?s dead trend? In carpet cleaning, there?s no such worry. The industry has been around for more than a century, and, with an estimated 14 million square feet of new carpet installed in American homes and businesses every year, it?s clearly going to be in need as long as people have floors to cover.

Industry?s best products

Chem-Dry?s cleaning products and processes are patented and good for the environment ? and you.

Our cleaners are based on the principle of hot carbonated water extraction, using the natural powers of carbonation to loosen and lift soil from fibers at the molecular level, ensuring a deep, long-lasting cleaning.

What?s more, the process uses one-fifth of the water used by steam cleaners, our main competitors; steam cleaners pump gallons of hot water into carpet, then suck it back up with high-pressure vacuums, leaving soaked carpet that can take days to dry and spawn mold and mildew.

Carpets that Chem-Dry treats dry within hours, eliminating that risk and, just as important, letting you enjoy your carpet sooner!

Bypassing ?Chuck in the truck?

Carpet cleaning is what industry analysts refer to as a ?fragmented industry,? meaning it consists mainly of small, often single-unit firms. Those accounted for 82 percent of industry receipts in 2007.

That gives Chem-Dry franchisees and employees a great opportunity to set themselves apart from the rest, and it?s something we take pride in. Be honest. The image that pops into your head when you think of a carpet cleaner is what we call ?Chuck in the truck,? some dude with stained overalls, a battered F-150, questionable equipment and a pack-a-day habit who may ? may ? do an adequate job.

Here?s what you get with Chem-Dry: a polite, professional, well-groomed, skilled, uniformed technician who?s trained to the hilt, equipped with the best gear in the industry and prepared to explain every aspect of the job and transaction to you.

Clients who?ve encountered both tend to prefer the latter, we?ve found.

It?s a sound basis for a successful business, as the numbers show. Want to know more about using Chem-Dry as a platform for a sustainable, high-return small business? Download the free franchise information report on this site and learn all about our value proposition, and let?s start talking.

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