Chem-Dry Franchise Offers 42 Green Certified Cleaning Products

An environmentally friendly footprint is a major differentiator for every Chem-Dry franchise owner in today’s competitive cleaning market

Chem-Dry cleaning franchise owners have a lot to work with when it comes to standing out from other vendors. From our attention to detail all the way to our multiple services for cleaning — not just carpets, but also rugs, upholstery, tile & stone and even granite — we bring a lot to the table.

Now add to that a growing roster of environmentally friendly, “green” cleaning products, and you have another great way for Chem-Dry to capture even more market share.


Certification means rigorous testing

“We have always tried to stay on the green side of things, but now we have more than 40 green products, which is huge,” says Chris Smith, Director of Research and Development. “Being environmentally conscious is a big thing now, and people are looking for that when they choose a vendor.

“The entire Granite Renewal Process that Chem-Dry offers has been green certified,” he adds, “and is a part of the Chem-Dry Green Certified Program, along with many other products.”


Cleaning processes as safe as products

“What this means is that we have researched our cleaning solutions, as well as our processes, to make sure that they are safe for the home and business environment,” Chris says. “They do not leave toxins behind in carpets, rugs, furniture or surfaces, and they do not contribute to air pollution.”

What does this mean for a Chem-Dry cleaning franchise owner? Sales. Many home and business owners hold off on cleaning because they’ve had a bad experience with slow-drying, smelly chemicals in the past. Chem-Dry franchisees can easily overcome those objections by demonstrating how Chem-Dry’s patented The Natural carpet cleaner is 100% non-toxic, and then go on to list all of our other green certified products.

“People really do want our services, but they also want to be good stewards of the environment,” Chris says. “Chem-Dry gives them the chance to do both, and that’s a win for them, as well as for every Chem-Dry cleaning franchise owner.”

Learn more about the Chem-Dry franchise opportunity

For in-depth details about the Chem-Dry franchise opportunity, download our Free Franchise Opportunity Report. You can also learn more by visiting our research pages.

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