Newspaper Readers Name Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Franchise No. 1

Yuma Sun names Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise the best in Yuma County, Arizona

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning works like magic on dirt and carpet stains.

Chem-Dry is the world’s largest carpet-cleaning franchise with more than 3,500 locations that serve 10,000 homes a day. We’re Entrepreneur magazine’s top-rated carpet cleaning franchise and one of the magazine’s Top 10 choices for low-cost and home-based franchises. Those who evaluate franchise systems give Chem-Dry a lot of accolades, and one of the big reasons is that customers love us, too!

The latest proof comes from the readers of the Yuma Sun, whose readers recently named Chem-Dry the top carpet cleaning provider in Yuma County, Arizona.

The newspaper recently profiled Chem-Dry as part of its Best of 2014 Awards. One of our favorite parts of their profile is their acknowledgment that Chem-Dry is great at cleaning other surfaces, too. While carpet cleaning is our bread and butter, Chem-Dry provides franchisees the tools and training they need to grow multiple service lines.

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchiseHere’s an excerpt from the Yuma Sun profile:

Stuff happens. Ask anyone who’s raised children or has housebroken pets.

Kids spill soda pop they mean to drink. Puppies leave puddles of pee in their wake.

Come to think of it, the adults who raise these messy tots and pups make messes of their own.

And anywhere in the home where parents, children and pets cross paths with regularity, the carpet may very well be stained. And so might the upholstery or tile floor.

Wherever they cause stains, Chem Dry of Yuma County can clean up after them. Chem Dry can also clean up messes in businesses.

“We do all commercial and residential (properties),” said Chris Green, owner of the Yuma franchise of Chem Dry, a carpet cleaner that does business around the nation and the world. “We are able to treat for pet urine. We also clean area rugs of all materials. We clean upholstery, tile and stone.

“Anything to do with carpeting, tile or upholstery, we can take care of it … specialty stain removal, we can get out red ink stains and stuff like that.”

No doubt numerous residents and businesses in Yuma County are happy with the service they’ve gotten from Chem Dry. It was named as the area Best Carpet Cleaner in 2014 in the Yuma’s Best poll of Yuma Sun readers.

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise

Yelp reviews provide further evidence of how customers feel about the service offered by Chem-Dry in Yuma County. Chem-Dry provides extensive training to help franchisees become expert cleaners, and well as business coaching to help them maximize the opportunity to grow their businesses. Of course, it helps to be the best at what you do.

Join the world’s largest carpet cleaning franchise

Chem-Dry franchisees enjoy high rates of repeat business thanks to the training and systems that help them deliver a customer experience that far exceeds what homeowners expect from a carpet cleaner.

Our carpet cleaning franchises can be started with as little as $10,000 down, and have a huge potential upside. The average Chem-Dry franchisee has more than $250,000 in annual revenue, and the largest franchisees generate more than $2 million in revenue. It’s a business that is designed to be grown.

For in-depth details about the Chem-Dry franchise opportunity, download our free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting our research pages.

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