A $24.3 Million New Orleans Business Opportunity

Carpet cleaning is a $24.3 million business in New Orleans, and industry giant Chem-Dry is seeking a business partner ready to dominate the market.

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Every year, approximately $24.3 million is spent on carpet cleaning in New Orleans.


Most people have no idea that carpet cleaning is such big business. Nationwide, people spend $3.8 billion a year on carpet cleaning, and because the carpet cleaning market is so fragmented, there is an opportunity for a well-run business to capture market share and bring in a lot of revenue.

That?s what Chem-Dry has been doing since it was founded in 1977. The company has grown to become the biggest and best carpet cleaning company in the United States by offering exceptional cleaning that is non-toxic and safe for kids and pets. Our cleaning Green-Certified-Carpet-Cleaning_fullpower and commitment to green cleaning has helped us earn twice as much market share as our nearest competitor ? but we still have plenty of room to grow, and New Orleans is a perfect example.

No single company dominates carpet cleaning in the Big Easy, and Chem-Dry is currently seeking a franchise partner with the drive to build a dominant business. Because of the size of the opportunity, New Orleans has been chosen as a Top 10 market for ChemDry expansion. Here?s why we?re a good partner:

A well-known brand

Chem-Dry has more than 2,000 franchise locations in the United States, which provides unmatched brand presence. As people move around the country, they know the Chem-Dry name. We have the highest repeat customer rate in the industry ? 96% ? meaning once you service your customers with our state-of-the art solutions, they are yours for life. If you can capture just 10% of the carpet cleaning market in New Orleans, you would build a $2.4 million business. There are already carpet cleaning customers in New Orleans who know the Chem-Dry name ? they just don?t have a Chem-Dry to hire. That could be you.


Case study:  Birmingham Chem-Dry is a model for New Orleans

If you wonder what it would be like to build the Chem-Dry brand in New Orleans, look northeast to Birmingham, which is similar to New Orleans in size and demography.

David Tomberlin has owned Mountainview Chem-Dry there since 2004, and he has steadily grown the business. He now has up to five vans running at any given time, and employs eight people who serve Birmingham and surrounding counties. Because of his successes, he continues to expand, adding more territories in 2013.

By becoming a multi-territory owner, he has locked down the Birmingham market for his business, and he says that his business ? and Chem-Dry ? keeps growing stronger.

?If someone buys in and follows the systems Chem-Dry has in place, there is no reason they shouldn?t be successful,? he says. ?There are a lot of advantages of building a business with Chem-Dry ? coaching opportunities, training on marketing, and help with operations. And the other Chem-Dry owners all over the country are a big help. Being able to lean on another franchise owner and find out what has worked and what hasn?t worked for them has helped me a ton. There are so many people who have given me great advice, I can?t name them all. Being able to pick up the phone and call other owners all over the country and get feedback is a huge advantage.?

Room to dominate

Chem-Dry looks for territories with a population of at least 60,000 before awarding a franchise. New Orleans has 1.2 million people in its metro area ? enough to support a fleet of Chem-Dry operations. That can be your fleet.

Patented tools, superior cleaning methods, training and support



Chem-Dry uses hot carbonating extraction to clean carpets without the need for phosphates or detergents. The process uses 80% less water than steam cleaning, so it doesn?t soak carpet pads and dries in 1-2 hours instead of 1-2 days. The moisture from traditional steam cleaning can create a breeding ground for mold and mildew, and detergents can trigger allergies and leave behind residue that attracts dirt ? causing stains to reappear a few weeks after cleaning. Chem-Dry doesn?t leave a residue behind ? which keeps carpets safe and healthy and also results in a long-lasting clean.

We have built a reputation as a trusted, respected brand due to outstanding products, such as our Pet Urine & Odor Removal (P.U.R.T.) treatment formulated not to merely mask scents but to attack the chemical bonds that cause dried urine crystals to cling to surfaces, destroying the source of the stain and smell. We also have a range of solutions to clean tile and stone floors, returning them to new condition. Chem-Dry has achieved the highest customer satisfaction and customer repeat levels in the industry. And we don?t rest on laurels. Since 1977, we have been committed to R&D, which has enabled us to develop proprietary solutions and patented equipment that are the foundation of the success of our franchisees? business.

Franchisees are trained to provide exceptional service, and to run an efficient business. You can learn about our training and support here.

Special deals

We know that there is a huge growth opportunity in New Orleans. That?s why we are offering special deals to help you establish and grow a Chem-Dry franchise:

? Business builder programs
? Extended franchise terms
? Free marketing and call center services
? Reduced franchise fees for multi-territory operators

Learn more about the Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise

Founded in 1977 and with offices in Nashville, Tenn., and Logan, Utah, Chem-Dry is the world?s leading carpet cleaner, serving 10,000 homes a day. Its highly ranked franchise system, which consists of 3,500 units, extends worldwide. For more information, visit our research pages. You can learn even more by downloading our free franchise report. Just fill out the form below to get a copy of the report and to start a conversation. We look forward to talking with you!


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