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Locations sprout up as carpet cleaning franchise extends growth spurt

Chem-Dry, the nation’s largest carpet cleaning franchise, is on a growth spurt. The 37-year-old franchise system signed deals to add 67 franchise units through the end of July, up from 36 during the same time period a year ago – a massive growth rate of 86% for the brand that has been named one of the best low-investment franchises in America and the top-rated carpet cleaning franchise by Entrepreneur magazine.

Chem-Dry’s rapid growth is powered by a mix of new franchisees who are eager to start their own businesses for as little as $9,995 down and the continued growth of our existing franchisees, who are adding territories in order to take advantage of rising demand for carpet cleaning. With housing prices experiencing year-over-year double-digit growth in most of the country, homeowners are regaining confidence in the value of their homes and are increasingly spending on maintenance and home improvement projects – and few things improve the value of a home more quickly than a professional carpet cleaning that can erase years worth of dirt and dander from a home, making it healthier and more beautiful.

“People are very surprised by how well we can clean carpet,” says Brent John, owner of Tarrant County Chem-Dry in Fort Worth, Texas, which opened this spring. “You can’t make a rough-looking carpet brand new, but you can sure make it look really, really good.”

The effectiveness of Chem-Dry’s cleaning process and the professional training and support given to franchisees has helped Chem-Dry achieve a 96% rate of repeat customers – an industry-leading statistic that helps boost profits from franchisees who benefit from positive word-of-mouth.

Every year, home and business owners have an estimated 14 billion square feet of new carpet installed, and all of it has to be cleaned.

How is Chem-Dry different?

Chem-Dry is very different from most carpet cleaners. Carpet cleaners generally use one of three methods: Steam cleaning, spray-on additives or hot carbonated extraction. Chem-Dry uses hot carbonated extraction, which is more effective and healthier than the others.

The most common alternative is steam cleaning, which only works up to a point. Steam cleaners dump gallons of hot water onto carpet, then suck up the dirty water with a high-pressure vacuum. The suction can damage the carpet, and the excessive water can soak into the backing of the carpet, creating a moist breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Some other carpet cleaning franchises use “dry” spray-on additive methods that coat carpet with a chemical cleaner, then rely on several rounds of vacuuming to extract the loose dirt. This method leaves chemical residue on the carpet and tends to push dirt deeper into the carpet. Carpet may look cleaner afterward, but often, the dirt has just been moved around and remains in the carpet.

The explosive power of organic hot carbonated water extraction – millions of microscopic bubbles blast the dirt from carpet fibers and other surfaces – requires one-fifth of the water used in steam cleaning, eliminating the risk of mold and mildew and ensuring your carpet will dry in an hour or two instead of a day or two. The carbonation works at the molecular level to lift dirt particles to the carpet surface, which means Chem-Dry technicians require less pressure to whisk the dirt away, reducing the risk of damage to your carpet.

Chem-Dry’s hot carbonated extraction also uses a non-toxic and non-allergenic cleaning solution, The Natural, which has no phosphates or detergents and is safe for kids and pets.

A history of success, proven systems
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Founded in 1977, Chem-Dry is the world’s leading carpet and upholstery cleaner, serving 10,000 homes a day. To learn even more about us, fill out a form to download our free franchise report or give us a call at 1-877-393-0272. We look forward to talking to you!

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