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Chem-Dry Franchising: Equipment Packages

We offer a wide variety of carpet cleaning equipment

Chem-Dry offers its franchisees flexibility when it comes to equipment and cost. Some of our most successful franchisees have built their businesses with our portable units and vans; others choose our higher-capacity truck-mounted packages. Plenty of our owners have both packages available to handle all kinds of jobs.

Our traditional equipment packages are proven, perfected and highly effective for the job. Both use our proprietary PowerHead tool that lifts and whisks away dirt from carpet and other surfaces. Here’s more detail about each; the cost of a van or truck is not included.

Executive Portable with Tile and Stone Package: These units are designed to put the full power of our Hot Carbonating Extraction into a portable unit. They are an ideal choice for residential cleaning and higher-ticket commercial jobs. Their wastewater holding tanks are built into the unit so you don’t have to run a long hose to the truck, and their cleaning power and fast dry times are the same as other trucks. The Tile and Stone Package gives the added capability to clean tile, stone and granite, granting you access to the $800 million tile & stone cleaning industry.


Executive Truck-Mount with Tile and Stone Package:
The powerful CTS 400 Flex truck mount allows the technician to clean carpets and upholstery with heated low pressure, then turn around and clean tile and stone with heated high pressure at the flip of a switch. This slide-in truck mount will fit in a number of van options, is easy to use, fuel-efficient, has a powerful vacuum and helps with faster set-up and tear-down times, giving you the ability to complete more jobs per day. The Tile and Stone Package gives the added capability to clean tile, stone and granite, granting you access to the $800 million tile & stone cleaning industry.

Executive Direct Drive Truck-Mount with Tile and Stone Package: Our CTS Direct Drive 4.8 Flex Truck-Mount Package provides the power of our top-of-the-line system in cleaning technology, as well as the Tile, Stone and Granite system. The Direct Drive truck mount runs off the van’s engine, which requires less maintenance and repairs. The 4.8 Flex offers simultaneous dual-cleaning capability in a space-saving layout, with both low and high heated pressure, and like the CTS 400, the 4.8 Flex also gives you the ability to complete more jobs per day.

Estimated Costs of Chem-Dry Franchising

Estimated Costs of Chem-Dry Investment
ExpendituresEstimated Amount or Estimated Low-High Range
Initial License Fee$23,500
New Business Set$0-$57,495
Additional Equipment Purchases$0 - $8,462
Cargo Van$0-$35,000
Three Month’s Rent$0-$4,000
Telephone and Business License$400-$4,000
Training and Convention Attendance Expenses$1,250-$3,000
Additional Funds-3 Months$2,500-$9,000
Computer System$800-$2,000
Advertising-3 Months$5,000-$10,000
Owner Living ExpensesVariable
Total Estimated Initial Investment$34,050 - $162,457

Equipment Package Financing Examples

OptionNew Business Set*Initial License FeeTotal InvestmentLicense Fee Down PaymentLicense Fee Balance Financed
Executive Portable Package$32,995$23,500$56,495$6,000$17,500
Executive Truck Mount Package$51,495$23,500$74,995$6,000$17,500
Executive Direct Drive Truck Mount Package$57,495$23,500$80,995$6,000$17,500

*New Business Set is financed by third Party. Down payment and monthly payment will vary.

A La Carte Portable Package
EquipmentAdd On Price
PowerBase® 10 Kit$3,951
PowerHead® Kit$4,511
Complete A La Carte Portable Package$8,462

Chem-Dry Franchise Opportunities

A lot will depend on the kind of environment you intend to work in. Portable units are our most cost-effective offering, and they’re tremendous for cleaning apartment complexes and multi-story office environments that do not easily lend themselves to cleaning by truck-mounted units that require long hoses to do the job.

Our truck-mounted units have more capacity, and the level of investment rises with the package. A franchise owner who chooses the most powerful truck-mounted system, the CTS Direct Drive 4.8, will typically purchase a three-quarter-ton van to carry and operate it. We offer franchise owners a wide range of opportunities to match their income, commitment and ambition levels.

Chem-Dry doesn’t offer franchises to just anyone. We carefully screen and evaluate franchise candidates to make sure they’re good fits for our system. But when you combine the broad range of investment amounts available to a franchise owner with the tools Chem-Dry offers its franchisees — including in-house financing for much of the franchise fee and equipment costs — you end up with an excellent opportunity at a reasonable price point.