How a Green Carpet Cleaning Franchise Can Put Green In Your Pocket

A green carpet cleaning franchise capitalizes on huge home and earth-conscious market

Chem-Dry’s hot carbonated water extraction cleaning method is much more environmentally safe than steam cleaning ? and uses less water, too.

How can you clean carpet for a living and protect the environment while you?re at it?

You can own and operate a green carpet cleaning franchise, one that?s just as effective (if not more so) at scouring the dirt, oil, grease and stains from carpet as other kinds of cleaners, but which uses safe, sustainable products and processes that conserve resources.

Here?s why a green carpet cleaning franchise can be good for Mother Earth and Mr. Wallet:

  • The market is an open frontier. The American carpet cleaning industry is huge and growing with the population. In 1988, the carpet cleaning industry grossed about $1.8 billion. In 2011, that amount had risen to $3.7 billion. By 2015, the industry is expected to gross $4.4 billion. Carpet is by far the most common floor covering, but no one vendor dominates the industry, which is made up mostly of small ?mom-and-pop? operations.
  • Living sustainably is more than a catchphrase. Caring for the environment is no longer an indulgence for aging hippies or a fad among college kids ? it?s a necessity and a smart business opportunity, too. Green carpet cleaning franchises that avoid harsh chemicals and conserve water are positioning themselves as trusted vendors for clients and responsible stewards of the environment at a time when many states, especially out West, are enduring chronic water shortages.
  • Customers love you if allergies don?t. One of the main problems with steam cleaners, on top of the massive amounts of water they use, is that steam-cleaned carpet can take days to dry ? leaving plenty of time for mold and mildew to form, which can trigger allergies inside your own home. It?s a major concern, especially considering that the Environmental Protection Agency recommends that homeowners with children clean carpets every six months ? every three months in high-humidity areas ? to keep dust particulates out of the air and minimize the chance of mold. A green carpet cleaning franchise has an automatic market advantage over mold-breeding steam cleaners. Carpets cleaned by Chem-Dry take just one to two hours to dry.

Chem-Dry, the nation?s leading carpet cleaner, was green before green was fashionable. From the moment founder Robert Harris discovered the amazing ability of carbonated water to remove stains thoroughly and safely, Chem-Dry has committed itself to cleaning carpet in a way that?s safe and convenient for clients and good for the environment ? drier, cleaner and healthier, in other words.

It?s always been a better way. Now, with people actively searching for more environmentally sound ways to do common things, the market is set up beautifully for the vision Harris and Chem-Dry have nurtured from the beginning. Interested in learning how a green carpet cleaning franchise can serve as a vehicle for the life you want to lead? Visit us at or

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