Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Franchise’s Average Franchisee Revenue Increased by 12%

How much can you make as a Chem-Dry owner? New Chem-Dry FDD Item 19 shows revenue per carpet cleaning franchise growing

How much can you make as a Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise owner? That?s a question that every prospective franchisee should ask themselves as they look into business opportunities, and Chem-Dry provides an answer by surveying its franchisees to gauge average performance.

211 franchise owners owning 475 Chem-Dry business franchises responded to a survey sent to our American franchise owners to develop an overall revenue picture for people considering whether it makes sense to start a Chem-Dry. The results: The average revenue per franchise was $111,184 in 2012, up $11,938 (12%) from our previous survey in 2011. And since many Chem-Dry owners operate more than one unit, average revenue per owner was slightly more than a quarter million dollars, $250,297 in 2012 vs. $246,718 in 2011.

Not bad for a franchise that can be started with as little as $9,995 down.

?When you look at the money that can be generated by a Chem-Dry franchise and compare it to how little it costs to start the business, it?s easy to see why Chem-Dry has been #1 in its category in Entrepreneur?s Top 500 franchise list for 25 straight years,? says D?wayne Tanner, vice president of franchise development for the carpet cleaning business.

The brand?s return on investment was one of the key factors that attracted Army veteran Chad Yancey, who started Honor Chem-Dry this year in Stafford, Va. Yancey was looking for business opportunities after retiring from the military.

?I wanted to be part of a franchise so that I?d have great systems and support in place, and when I started looking at franchise opportunities, Chem-Dry not only had great support, they also had great ROI,? he said.

?A lot of franchises, the investment was here,? he said, gesturing with his hand high in the air, ?and the potential earnings were here,? he said, slightly lowering his hand. ?With Chem-Dry, the investment is here,? he said, with his hand at his knee, ?and the potential earnings are here,? he said, with hand held high.

While performance varies based on the business skills and determination of franchisees, as well as local market conditions, the average provides a guideline. We?d love to talk to you more about the Chem-Dry opportunity and put you in touch with franchisees who can share their experiences, too.

To learn more about Chem-Dry, including the patented technology and green cleaning approach that sets us apart, download our free franchise report to start a conversation ? or give us a call at 1-877-307-8233.

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