Chem-Dry Illustrates Top 5 Traits of the Best Cleaning Franchises

The best cleaning franchises excel in research, affordability, training, support, scalability

What characterizes the best cleaning franchises?

They have to be sound in every way, top to bottom, from the design of the equipment to the details of the business model to the ongoing support of every franchise owner, no matter how big or small.

Chem-Dry is the world?s largest carpet cleaning company, and it didn?t build its sterling record of excellence over 36 years by falling short on any aspect of its performance. Here are the five big traits we?ve learned are essential to a top-notch cleaning franchise.

Jotham Hatch, Chem-Dry's training director, with one of our beat-in-class truck-mounted cleaning units.

Jotham Hatch, Chem-Dry’s training director, with one of our beat-in-class truck-mounted cleaning units.

  1. Superb R&D. Chem-Dry has a top-notch research and development team led by Roger Andersen, the best in the business. Over the years, Roger and his team have continually developed and refined the world?s best surface cleaning equipment. It?d be easy for them to be satisfied with the work they?ve already done, but they?ve forged ahead, always looking for ways to improve equipment and let our franchise owners secure even more return on investment. We shouldn?t neglect our in-house chemists, either ? they?re the powerhouses behind The Natural and other cleaning solutions that are unique in the industry for their carbonated cleaning power and non-toxic composition.
  2. Affordability. Few franchise opportunities of any kind are as affordable as Chem-Dry?s or present as much opportunity for return on investment. You can buy a Chem-Dry franchise for as little as $9,995 down and $30,345 overall ? an incredible price point, especially for first-time franchise owners, such as recently discharged veterans, who usually can?t afford to pay much more. And our in-house financing, a rarity in the franchise industry, is a godsend for entrepreneurs who still have trouble securing small business loans.
  3. World-class training. We put you through the paces during a week of intensive, cover-all-the-bases training that addresses the nuts and bolts of cleaning carpet and the ABCs of running a strong, sustainable business. One of the best things about a carpet cleaning business is that it?s not a high-concept operation that requires a lot of book learning ? it?s pretty straightforward stuff. But it does require discipline, hard work and strict adherence to our program, and Jotham Hatch, our training director, shows all our franchise owners how to make their businesses work.

    Our QuickStart coach, Charlie Erickson, with past training classes he's helped become successful franchise owners.

    Our QuickStart coach, Charlie Erickson, with past training classes he’s helped become successful franchise owners.

  4. Ongoing support. For the first year of franchise ownership, our Quick Start coach, Charlie Erickson, is on hand to review procedures, set goals, review metrics and do whatever?s necessary to ensure you succeed. When you win, we win. So, knowing that a lot of our franchisees are first-time business owners, we make sure we provide superb support in the critical first year and ongoing support after that, plus the invaluable insight of 3,500 other Chem-Dry franchise owners.
  5. Scalability. Once you have the blueprint for running one successful Chem-Dry franchise, it?s relatively easy to add more units and build a substantial small business empire. Some of our longest-tenured franchise owners own six, eight, 10 units; success breeds success, so we encourage our top-performing franchise owners to max out their potential with multiple units. With Chem-Dry, it?s not hard or cost-prohibitive to do.

If Chem-Dry strikes you as a company that could the open door to small business ownership for you, we want to talk. Fill out the form on this site, download our free franchise report and start thinking about how Chem-Dry can help you fulfill your small business dreams.

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