The Top 5 Ways Franchise Carpet Cleaners Have A Leg Up On Competitors

Value of national brand, thousands of skilled owners mean great advantages for Chem-Dry franchise owners

Chem-Dry?s robust franchise system gives franchise owners plenty of advantages over the independent, ?mom-and-pop? businesses that make up three-quarters of the estimated 40,000 carpet cleaning businesses in the United States.

Here are five:

An international franchise system

Chem-Dry Sean Tinsley

Sean Tinsley of Smyrna, Tenn., is one of thousands of Chem-Dry franchise owners who have succeeded with our systems, equipment and products.

Chem-Dry has more than 3,500 units in countries around the world, with franchise owners who benefit from one of the franchise industry?s best values ? an entrepreneur can start a Chem-Dry business for as little as $9,995 down ? and a well-developed franchise system that?s been honed to near-perfection over 35 years.

Independent businesspeople simply can?t match Chem-Dry?s resources ? from our staff chemists, who work constantly to improve our hot carbonated water cleaning solution; to our research and development team, devising new equipment to increase ROI for our franchise owners; to our operations crew, who know how to maximize profit in a Chem-Dry business. The downside of independence is having to figure everything out yourself, spending energy trying to keep up with the industry rather than focusing your energy on building your business and making money.

In-house franchise financing

Chem-Dry isn?t just a great value; it?s one of the few large franchise systems that offers in-house financing at an affordable interest rate, a true blessing for a prospective franchise owner who?s having trouble borrowing money from banks still reluctant to issue loans.

Our loans are interest- and payment-free until the fourth month of operation; we want our new franchisees to have the first few months to reinvest in their businesses. Our interest rate is just 6.5 percent simple interest, and by starting the debt service in the fourth month, we allow for investment in marketing, or training, or any other business-building efforts.

This type of financing is unmatched in the franchise industry, and just another way we invest in the success of our franchise owners. If you?re an independent, you?re on your own in panning for money from wherever you can get it.

Great advertising and marketing support

Chem-Dry has a detailed, proven system for helping franchise owners build their client bases. Ed Quinlan, our vice president of franchise services, knows it up and down.

Chem-Dry has a detailed, proven system for helping franchise owners build their client bases. Ed Quinlan, our vice president of franchise services, knows it up and down.

Chem-Dry?s corporate offices have developed powerful advertising and marketing tools to help franchise owners get the most out of the investments:

  • A central call center to process jobs and schedule appointments. The center has a 76 percent booking rate on new calls.
  • Marketing materials tested and proven through the years, including postcards, magnets, business cards, stickers and brochures.
  • A highly developed presence on social media and the Internet to help us and you attract business and grow.
  • A franchise website for luring online traffic and jobs.

And much more.

An established carpet cleaning brand

Chem-Dry is the world?s largest carpet cleaner, an established brand customers know and trust. We?ve made Entrepreneur magazine?s list of the nation?s top 500 franchises for a staggering 25 straight years.

Local carpet cleaning business

There?s simply no substitute for local business owners working and developing relationships with customers in a community. That?s how our strongest client relationships start and flourish, and when you couple local ownership with a world-class system, processes, equipment and solution, you have a business opportunity that?s unmatched.

Sound like the right opportunity for you? Fill out our form, download our free franchise information report and let?s start talking about how you can own a thriving small business with Chem-Dry.

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