North America's Best Carpet Cleaning Franchise Opportunity

How Training and Support Help You Expand

Training, tools and coaching help franchisees grow their businesses

Chem-Dry franchises are designed to grow. While it is possible to make a solid living running a single van, you can achieve much more by operating your business as an owner-manager rather than as an owner-operator. We provide the tools you need to quickly move into an owner-manager role and grow a large business.

The biggest challenges are effective marketing, managing schedules, maintaining strong business records, training employees and seizing opportunities as an owner. Here’s a look at how we help franchisees conquer those challenges:

Software for managing the business, maximizing marketing efforts

Chem-Dry franchisees are able to use onTrack, our proprietary management and tracking software, to make it much easier to manage a growing business, analyze results and capture opportunities for revenue and profits. Chem-Dry’s onTrack simplifies the process of growing your business. A cloud-based suite, onTrack works on both desktop computers and mobile devices, which enables you to access key data and adjust schedules on the fly from anywhere.

Additionally, onTrack allows you to quickly schedule jobs with customers, provide notes about specific customer requests and plan truck routes for technicians — which allows you to save fuel costs as you serve customers throughout your territories. The onTrack system even makes planning multiple truck routes simple. As your business grows and becomes busier, and as you add additional vans to serve customers, you can plan tighter routes that minimize gasoline costs and maximize profits.

With onTrack, adjusting price quotes is a breeze. If a customer orders carpet cleaning and then asks for additional upholstery cleaning, your technician quickly makes the adjustment and provides a new quote to the customer. The system then allows you to invoice the customer and collect payment on the spot.


After the job is complete, the software can automatically send a followup survey to the customer’s email. Not only will you see how customers feel about the service they received from your technician, but the customer is also invited to provide a testimonial that you can then use in your marketing efforts.

Meanwhile, onTrack maintains a record of what work the customer ordered and when it was done — information you can use to automate follow-up with your customers, emailing them in six months or a year, or alerting you to call them to ask if they would like a follow-up cleaning. The reminder, and the personal attention, can boost your customer retention and your rate of repeat business to our industry-leading 96%. The more customers get to know you and your business, the more likely they are to refer you to friends.

Copy-of-universityvertInnovation that empowers employees and helps them (and you) earn more

Chem-Dry’s parent company, Harris Research Inc., has been working with chemists to develop cleaning techniques since 1977, and we provide training and resources to franchisees to help them take advantage of our expertise.

We train Chem-Dry franchisees and technicians to identify types of spots and the methods they can use to remove stains from carpet. These techniques go beyond typical carpet cleaning — and they are beyond the expertise of many carpet cleaners.


How do you remove an oil or wine stain without damaging and discoloring the carpet fibers? How do you completely eliminate pet urine stains and smells? These are just two of the dozens of questions a Chem-Dry technician can answer with our training and expertise — one of the reasons customers love Chem-Dry. We have answers to those questions, and we specialize in removing stains that other carpet cleaners refuse to tackle. When you can remove a tough stain, you get great word-of-mouth referrals — and you also can earn great revenue. Customers are happy to pay extra for spot removal.

One of the reasons franchisees love Chem-Dry is that we have embraced innovation in order to put more of our collective know-how into the hands of technicians. As smartphones became ubiquitous, Chem-Dry began developing a suite of apps that can help technicians identify stains and find the right techniques to remove them. It’s a big deal, because customers pay about $40, on average, for stain removal. Often, the technician will get a portion of that added revenue, with the rest flowing to the Chem-Dry owner. It’s a huge “win-win-win.” Technicians and owners make extra money and customers get better service.

Likewise, another smartphone app that we developed guides technicians through how to inform customers about other services that are available — offering them conversational sales techniques that aren’t pushy, and that can make a big difference in terms of average invoices. After all, someone who wants stains out of their carpet would probably love to have stains removed from their couch, too!

As you work to build your business, these apps reinforce your staff’s training — and give you the tools you need to help boost your results as you study your onTrack data and identify ways to grow your business.

Extreme coaching program has delivered results

In order to learn the business, most Chem-Dry owners act as technicians while they are first growing their businesses, and transitioning to a pure management role can be tricky. Fortunately, we have four decades of experience helping franchisees make that transition. Our “get off the van” program is specifically designed to help franchisees make the transition from their first van or two and a tiny team of employees to a larger team in which the franchise owner is no longer out in the field all day, and is instead free to manage employees and concentrate on marketing opportunities.

If you are planning to operate multiple territories, then you already have a head start. The first phase of the “get off the van” program involves setting goals and a vision for where you want to take your business — which probably already matches the way you are thinking about the Chem-Dry franchise opportunity.

Chem-Dry has a detailed, proven system for helping franchise owners build their client bases. Ed Quinlan, our vice president of franchise services, knows it up and down.  Our nine-part webinar series provides a detailed path to follow for growth, and it provides systematic plans to help you work toward your goals. One key element of the program is a financial analysis that helps you understand the revenue numbers you need to achieve different milestones for your business: When should I consider hiring a part-timer to help in the evenings? When should I add a van? How much revenue should I have, and how many vans should I have on the road, before I stop working as a technician and concentrate on full-time management? How do I pay myself when I am not in the field every day serving customers? What should the organization chart look like as my business grows?

Just as important, the program offers practical advice and training to help you reach revenue milestones. Perhaps a new or renewed marketing effort can bring in new customers. Often franchisees are able to bring in extra revenue by offering additional services to customers — services that have higher profit margins, result in higher invoices and allow you to pay performance bonuses that attract highly skilled and loyal technicians.

As you continue to grow, the support continues. Our “extreme business coaching” program is offered quarterly to any franchisees who are looking for ways to grow their businesses, whether they have one van or 15. The free program consists of several weeks of conference call meetings with a coach and other franchisees, and helps owners reinvigorate their business practices to become more efficient, win more customers, and maximize profits. Franchisees of all levels of experience participate; we’ve helped multi-territory franchisees with three decades of experience find new ways to grow. Part of the magic of the program comes because franchisees don’t just learn from us — they learn from each other.

When you join Chem-Dry, you join a family of more than 1,000 owners who are building the brand together in the United States. We get together each year at an annual conference and at regional gatherings to learn about the latest improvements in the Chem-Dry system, share tips with each other, support each other and become friends.