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Chem-Dry Franchise Owners Benefit From Brand’s National Presence

Marketing starts strong and grows quickly thanks to longtime consumer awareness of services and strong reputation in nationwide markets

One of the trickiest areas of starting a small business is building brand awareness. For Chem-Dry floor cleaning franchise owners, that challenge is much less complicated. 

 “We’ve been around for over 40 years, and with thousands of successful franchises in the United States and around the world, Chem-Dry is very much a known commodity,” says Doug Smith, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development. “When you open a Chem-Dry franchise, you spend more time listing all the services you can offer vs. explaining to people who we are and what we do — and that’s a very good thing.”Chem-Dry franchise van in front of house

Online, social platforms fuel local growth

Chem-Dry’s ongoing and comprehensive national marketing also helps with brand recognition for new and long standing franchise owners alike. From magazine advertising to a robust social-media presence, Chem-Dry gets the word out from coast to coast — and then gets generated leads into the hands of franchise owners.

“Our strategy is to build strong awareness, especially around new services such as air-duct cleaning, dryer-vent cleaning, wood floor care and more,” Smith explains. “When consumers see or hear those ads they are intrigued. When they respond for more information they are connected to a franchise owner in their market, and often they go ahead and search for local franchises on their own.”

Brand reputation creates pipeline of customers

What that does, in turn, is create a strong pipeline of opportunity for every Chem-Dry floor carpet cleaning franchise owner to convert into a loyal customer. 

“Getting leads is a very important part of operating a successful Chem-Dry franchise, and converting those to customers is, of course, equally important,” Smith says. “And with all that Chem-Dry has to offer, that’s not hard to do. Someone may get in touch because they saw an ad for one service, find out about all the others and wind up with a whole-house job that’s convenient for them, and great for the franchise owner’s bottom line.” 

Chem-Dry is the world’s largest carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise with more than 3,000 franchises in more than 55 countries, serving 11,000 homes and businesses a day. Chem-Dry has been Entrepreneur magazine’s top-rated carpet cleaning franchise for 32 straight years. The Chem-Dry Hot Carbonating Extraction process delivers a faster-drying, deeper and more environmentally friendly clean that appeals to home and business owners. In addition to carpet and area rugs, Chem-Dry provides cleaning and renewal services for tile and stone, granite countertops, leather and upholstery, air ducts and dryer vents.

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