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Can I Operate Multiple Franchises?

Chem-Dry is easy to scale, and there are few limits on growth

Chem-Dry is not only the world’s largest carpet cleaning franchise — it also is one of the most economical multi-unit franchises you can own. Chem-Dry has hundreds of multi-unit franchise owners throughout the United States. The average Chem-Dry franchise generated $94,447 in revenue in 2017, according to a survey of our franchisees. Since so many franchisees own multiple licenses, the actual revenue per franchisee was significantly higher: $299,400. Our most successful franchisees easily and consistently exceed $1 million in annual revenue.

The Chem-Dry franchise system started in 1977, shortly after founder Robert Harris realized that the same technique a stewardess used to remove salad dressing from his tie could be adapted to remove soil and stains from carpet.

His insight gave birth to a company that now has nearly 3,500 franchise units worldwide, including over 2,000 in the United States. Chem-Dry is the largest carpet cleaning franchise in the world, and much of our growth has been thanks to ambitious franchisees who own multiple licenses and have built large businesses serving homeowners and businesses in their communities.

Market opportunity is vast

Our brand represents the best of the best in the $5 billion home carpet cleaning market, which is in the midst of a major growth spurt. In fact, carpet cleaning is expected to grow an additional 1-2% in 2018. Our franchise owners are on the vanguard of this market expansion, and they remain committed to providing our customers with the cleanest and healthiest homes. The home is our customers’ most cherished environment, often their most valuable asset, and Chem-Dry prides itself in providing cleaner, healthier homes. We give homeowners the peace of mind that comes from knowing their homes are clean and safe.

Our proprietary Hot Carbonating Extraction process attacks dirt, dust, oils and allergens in carpet fibers and on hard surfaces. Because our process uses less water than competing techniques, customer carpets dry more quickly, usually within a couple of hours, meaning that dangerous moisture doesn’t linger for days, cutting down on the chance of damaging mold or mildew. As a result, carpets stay cleaner and healthier for longer than with any other cleaning method. This accomplishment has been honored with the Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of Approval.

How does it work?

Chem-Dry uses 20% as much water as steam cleaning, so it doesn't soak carpet pads and create an environment in which mold and mildew could grow.

Chem-Dry uses 20% as much water as steam cleaning, so it doesn’t soak carpet pads and create an environment in which mold and mildew could grow.

Carpet cleaners generally use one of three methods: Steam cleaning, spray-on additives or hot carbonated extraction. Chem-Dry uses a proprietary Hot Carbonating Extraction method that emulsifies dirt before removing it, reducing water application and eliminating the need for harsh chemicals or violent vacuuming.

Other methods work only to a point. Take for example steam cleaning, which dumps gallons of hot water onto carpet, then sucks up some of the dirty water with a high-pressure vacuum. The suction can damage the carpet, and the excessive water can soak into the backing of the carpet, creating a moist breeding ground for mold and mildew.

And steam cleaning isn’t even that effective. If you’ve ever run your washing machine without detergent, you know that hot water alone won’t remove stains. So most steam cleaners use additives, chemicals and soaps that can help get stains out but leave behind sticky residue that can actually trap more dirt. That’s why steam-cleaned carpets often form fresh stains in the same spots as the old ones.

Some other carpet cleaning franchises use “dry” spray-on additive methods that coat carpets with a chemical cleaner, then rely on several rounds of vacuuming to extract the loose dirt. This method leaves chemical residue on the carpet and tends to push dirt deeper into the carpet. Carpet may look cleaner afterward, but often, the dirt is just moved around and remains in the carpet.

Meanwhile, with both steam cleaning and chemical cleaners, dirt remains and stains often return with just a few short days, the result of a carpet that was only partially cleaned.

Chem-Dry uses the explosive power of Hot Carbonating Extraction; millions of microscopic bubbles blast the dirt from carpet fibers and other surfaces. This requires one-fifth of the water used in steam cleaning, eliminates the risk of mold and mildew and ensures your carpet will dry in an hour or two instead of the day or two that is typical of other methods. The carbonation works at the molecular level to lift dirt particles to the carpet surface, which means Chem-Dry technicians require less pressure to whisk the dirt away, further reducing the risk of damage to your carpet.

There’s a reason why our patented cleaning solution is called The Natural. It’s a simple carbon dioxide-and-water solution that’s safe enough to drink — and we do drink it, tossing some back in a toast at our annual franchise conference!

The Natural’s simplicity and effectiveness come from an understanding of chemistry and how it applies to getting stains out of carpet and other surfaces in your home and workplace.

Professional service, professional results

Chem-Dry understands the science that goes into treating and removing stains, and franchisees benefit from our four decades of experience. We have developed patented products and cleaning solutions to help franchisees deliver superior results. We also have developed training systems, coaching and tools that help franchisees run a strong carpet cleaning business.

We understand what our customers are — and aren’t — looking for in a carpet cleaner. Carpet cleaning is a fractured industry with thousands of fly-by-night vendors of varying trustworthiness, training, skill and professionalism. People are understandably careful about letting workers into their homes. Chem-Dry has the best and most trustworthy reputation in the industry. When customers hire Chem-Dry, our franchisees’ highly trained, appropriately dressed, punctual, courteous professionals show up at their doors.

Your chance to grow

Chem-Dry is an ideal business for an entrepreneur with drive, determination and business skills, because there is a strong opportunity to win over customers and grow a strong business. Our strongest franchisees operate businesses that dominate entire cities, and more than a few of our franchise owners have built Chem-Dry operations that span multiple cities and states.

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