North America's Best Carpet Cleaning Franchise Opportunity

Available Territories

Cleaning franchise opportunities abound with Chem-Dry

West of the Rockies, we have some great territories open. East of the Rockies, the field is virtually wide open.  We’re looking especially for entrepreneurs to open Chem-Dry locations in states like New York, Texas, Ohio, Georgia and Florida — states with high-population areas that can support multiple Chem-Dry locations.

How we define territories

We allow multiple franchises into an area based on population, using a simple formula: one Chem-Dry license per 60,000 people. For example, a territory may span several counties that contain 600,000 people. In this case, we authorize 10 Chem-Dry licenses for sale in the territory. But we don’t divide the total territory into 10 pieces, each with 60,000 people. Our 10 franchisees would be able to serve the entire market, a system that has worked for nearly 40 years. 

Many territories, depending on geographic location, have service areas with population totals into the millions! If you would like to dominate a particular area, we’d be happy to talk about multiple licenses.

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