Chem-Dry Franchise Identifies Three Major Trends for 2016

Chem-Dry Franchise Identifies Three Major Trends For 2016

Based on decades of experience in the home and business marketplaces, Chem-Dry is predicting solid ways to grow franchise business in the coming year

There are thousands of franchise opportunities in the United States, and the successful ones are run by people who know how to stay abreast of current trends — and predict new ones. Every Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise owner benefits from the decades of experience that Chem-Dry’s corporate team has put into analyzing market needs, and then creating the products and services to build a solid business.


“It would be easy to think that all we do is clean carpet and work on ways to improve our processes for doing that,” says Doug Smith, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development. “In fact, there’s a whole lot more going on. For starters, carpet is down overall as a flooring surface — it’s down 50 percent since 1990. People want carpet, but they want other surfaces as well. So we’re working to make sure that we retain our strong market share regardless.”

Stone and tile surfaces present opportunity

Hard surfaces, such as tile and stone, are very popular with homeowners, who represent 80 percent of the average Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise owner’s business. At first people think they’re easier to clean than carpets, but even regular mopping soon won’t touch the dirt that’s in the grout or dislodge the grime from the crevices of textured stone and tile flooring.

“We get a lot of calls from people who look at photos of their floor from two or three years ago and realize how dingy it’s gotten,” Doug says. “And we have the capability to bring it back to showroom appearance.”

Furniture cleaning a growing niche

Another area where Chem-Dry’s patented low-moisture cleaning system excels is upholstery work.

“Many customers don’t even know that we offer this service, and when they find out they are very interested,” Doug says. “Regular carpet cleaners will leave a piece of furniture damp, just as they do with carpets, which can create an opportunity for mold and odor. Every Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise owner should be making his or her customers aware that our process isn’t just for floors, but also for those statement and investment pieces of furniture that they want to keep clean.”

Pet cleaning a Chem-Dry specialty

Pet urine and odor removal are bedrock services for Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise operators, and with good reason. Chem-Dry’s patented Pet Urine Removal Treatment, or P.U.R.T., is recognized as one of the safest and most effective products on the market.

“Pets have always been a big focus for us, because 75 percent of our customers are pet owners,” Doug says. “We have a very big piece of the household market where pets are in residence, and we expect to continue growing that into 2016 and beyond.”

The P.U.R.T. process begins with a black-light sweep to identify affected areas, and then the treatment commences. Our signature compound reacts with urine crystals that other cleaners would leave behind, breaking them down at the molecular level and loosening them for removal.

With more than 3,500 locations worldwide and 10,000 homes a day being served, Chem-Dry knows its business. Keeping an eye on market needs so new ideas are always in the development phases is just one way franchise owners are guaranteed success with their current clients, as well as plenty of new ones, in 2016.

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