Military Franchise? How Chem-Dry Provides Business Opportunities for Veterans

Chem-Dry has more than 1,000 franchise owners in the U.S. ? and many are veterans. Here?s why service members come to us, and how we strive to honor them as they build a new career.

What is the best military franchise for a veteran looking to transition into a new career? It depends. First, you should do something that you are passionate about, whether than means keeping people?s homes clean and safe, dishing up barbecue, or running a hotel. The franchise industry is full of opportunities in a dizzying array of industries, so you should think about what you love as you consider a business in which to invest.

Of course, you’ll also have to think about budget. We know that most veterans don?t leave the service with a huge pile of money in their bank accounts, and many may think that they’re priced out of business ownership.

Sean Tinsley owns seven Chem-Dry franchises in Tennessee. Read about him and other veterans at

Sean Tinsley owns seven Chem-Dry franchises in Tennessee. Read about him and other veterans at

Truth is, there are great opportunities even for those without a fat wad of cash.

Chem-Dry is one of the best, according to Entrepreneur magazine. The magazine, an important reference for anyone considering franchise opportunities, lists Chem-Dry as one the top low-investment franchises, the top  franchise in its category (carpet cleaning), and has listed Chem-Dry on its Franchise Top 500 list for 25 years in a row.

Chem-Dry has been attracting veterans to our brand for three decades, and we have dozens of owners with experience in the Army, Air Force and Navy. Here are four factors that have helped make Chem-Dry attractive to veterans:

Sean Tinsley owns seven Chem-Dry franchises in Tennessee. Read about him and other veterans at

Sean Tinsley owns seven Chem-Dry franchises in Tennessee. Read about him and other veterans at

? Affordability. Franchisees can start a Chem-Dry carpet business with as little as $9,995 down, and parent company Harris Research offers in-house financing at 6.5%, which enables even veterans with little access to capital to start their own business. Chem-Dry also offers a 10% discount on its franchise fee to veterans as part of the International Franchise Association?s VetFran program.

A Track Record of Success. Sean Tinsley started with Chem-Dry straight out of the Air Force and has grown his business to include seven units, which provide a six-figure income. Retired Marine Jeremy Dillon, after serving three tours in Iraq, now owns a growing Chem-Dry business in North Carolina. Retired Army Sgt. Chad Yancey recently launched his Chem-Dry business in Virginia, where he expects to grow a business capable of not only supporting his family, but hiring fellow veterans and generating enough profits to support veteran causes.

Excellent Return On Investment. A recent survey of Chem-Dry owners showed that the average franchise generates more than $111,000 a year in revenue, and since it’s easy to scale the business and manage more than one franchise, many of Chem-Dry owners have multiple franchises, pushing average owner revenue to more than $250,000 in 2012.

Being the Best. Chem-Dry’s patented cleaning solutions and technologies offer a drier, deeper, healthier clean. Our primary cleaning solution, The Natural, is green-certified and is safe and non-toxic for kids and pets. That’s a big deal for customers, because other carpet cleaning methods like steam cleaning rely on massive amounts of water and soaps and phosphates to remove dirt, and the resulting dampness and residue can foster the growth of mold and mildew, and even attract dirt. People want a safe and healthy home, and they demand effective cleaning. Chem-Dry offers both, and has for decades.

Want to learn more? Visit to download a free franchise report and start a conversation with us. You can also read owner reviews and customer reviews on our blog. We hope to hear from you soon. Good luck, and thank you for your service!

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