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Why Chem-Dry Is The Best Carpet Cleaner Company For Summer Months

Michael Propst of Dander & Daughters Chem-Dry in Seattle lays out summer cleaning benefits

Chem-Dry makes home surfaces clean and safe for kids and pets alike.

One of our Seattle-area franchise owners, Michael Propst, made Yahoo! News recently with a great article about why summer?s here and the time is right for giving your area Chem-Dry location a call:

Dander & Daughters Chem-Dry, Seattle-area professional carpet cleaners, advises residents not to be afraid of scheduling a cleaning during the busy summer months. In fact, there are good reasons to do so.

June is a very busy month for professional carpet cleaners in the Pacific Northwest. With this in mind, many strategies of when to have a service done often revolve around finding reasons to utilize the off-season to exploit scheduling flexibility and discounts associated with off-peak months. Dander and Daughters Chem-Dry, a professional Seattle carpet cleaner, would like to offer reasons why June remains an excellent time of year to get carpets cleaned, despite being possibly their busiest month.

The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends professionally deep cleaning household carpets every 12 to 18 months. The timing of this cleaning can be crucial to reaping the benefits for longer effectiveness. Seasonal activities play a large role for customers and cleaning companies alike.

Here are the best reasons to go against the conventional wisdom of going against conventional wisdom when it comes to having carpets deep cleaned by professionals:

Wait Until the Garden?s In

Spring is obviously an important season for gardening. More and more Seattle area residents are utilizing their property to exercise their green thumbs. Soil, being a crucial element to growing most plants, becomes dirt when outside the context of the garden and is exactly what people are trying to remove when deep cleaning carpets. Why not just wait until most of the hard work is finished in the garden and have it cleaned in June? Especially with lingering wet weather, tracking mud into the house is unavoidable.

Shedding Season

Pets can be public enemy number one when it comes to the cleanliness of a carpet. Throughout the winter months, most house pets of the furry variety accumulate thicker fur coats. As temperatures rise and wet weather subsides, their coats start to shed. Pet hair, and the dirt that accompanies it, is usually most prolific in the springtime and can wreak havoc on a newly cleaned carpet. Waiting until the bulk of spring shedding is over can keep carpets fresher and cleaner for longer.

Lower Humidity Helps

Many steam carpet cleaners can leave a good deal of moisture in the carpet and underlying pad for up to 48 hours after cleaning. As the humidity level drops with the arrival of summer, conditions become more favorable for drying. This can avoid mold and mildew growth in the carpet pad. Unless, of course, a professional Seattle carpet cleaner is hired who utilizes a Chem-Dry system that dries almost immediately.

Slow Months are Actually Busy for Carpet Cleaners

Professional carpet cleaning companies understand how residential customers think. They actually spend their slower months preparing for the onslaught of high volume appointments. The slower months are often filled with commercial jobs, as well as scheduled equipment maintenance and business necessities. This is not to imply that professional cleaners refuse business during the slower months of the winter, but that given the seasonal needs of their customers, busy times are well prepared for.

Good article, Michael! We especially like how the article highlights the difference between Chem-Dry and steam cleaning. Seattle may be drier during the summer, but that?s certainly not true in other parts of the country ? which makes it even more important to get that carpet dried quickly and safely, the Chem-Dry way.

If you?re in the Seattle area and want to talk to Michael about how he can help make your home or office drier, cleaner and healthier, visit him at www.chem-dry.net/dndrdaughters.wa. To find out more about our locations worldwide and how you might go into business with a low-cost, high-ROI franchise opportunity, see www.chemdry.com or www.chemdryfranchise.com!

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