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On July 2nd, 2013

Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Franchises Sees ‘Tremendous Growth Potential’ in Canada

Chem-Dry parent company Harris Research is now directly supporting Canadian franchisees, and plans to leverage its infrastructure to support franchisees and grow the brand     Harris Research Inc. plans to bring a whole lot more Chem-Dry to Canada. Entrepreneur magazine?s top-rated carpet cleaning franchise already had more than 50 franchises spread from the Yukon ...

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On June 25th, 2013

Why a Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise is a great low-cost business

Thanks to low-cost business Chem-Dry, a small bank account is no barrier to starting your own business There are two old sayings: ?the best way to make money is to have money,? and ?hard work pays off.? A lot of the time, as people research franchise opportunities, the first adage seems apt, because the amount ...

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On June 19th, 2013

Minister, Oil Man, Businessman Find Opportunities with Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Franchise

New franchise owners are among dozens who have recently joined America?s largest carpet cleaning franchise For Mike Dickey, the Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise was the answer to a prayer. For Brent John, it meant the freedom to stay in one place. And for Nazar Osman, it just made good business sense. The three are among ...

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On June 5th, 2013

Low-cost franchise with high ROI? Look at Chem-Dry

Chem-Dry earns high marks from Entrepreneur as a low-cost franchise, and the numbers back up the accolades. You don?t have to be rich to own a franchise. Every year, Entrepreneur magazine compiles a list of the top low-cost franchises available, and every year, Chem-Dry is in the top 10. The numbers back up the ranking. ...

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On May 30th, 2013

Military Franchise? How Chem-Dry Provides Business Opportunities for Veterans

Chem-Dry has more than 1,000 franchise owners in the U.S. ? and many are veterans. Here?s why service members come to us, and how we strive to honor them as they build a new career. What is the best military franchise for a veteran looking to transition into a new career? It depends. First, you ...

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On May 21st, 2013

Chem-Dry Franchise Owners Add an Entire City to Their Growing Business

Randy and Erika Herman of Chem-Dry, already successful in Dallas, reach into Oklahoma City Most carpet cleaners count their success and their growth by crossing city limits or county lines. Randy and Erika Herman are going into a whole new state. The Dallas-based owners of Cornerstone Chem-Dry recently leapfrogged across state lines, expanding their business ...

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On May 14th, 2013

Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Franchise’s Average Franchisee Revenue Increased by 12%

How much can you make as a Chem-Dry owner? New Chem-Dry FDD Item 19 shows revenue per carpet cleaning franchise growing How much can you make as a Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise owner? That?s a question that every prospective franchisee should ask themselves as they look into business opportunities, and Chem-Dry provides an answer by ...

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On May 7th, 2013

Q&A: Carpet Installer Expanding Business By Tapping Into Chem-Dry Franchise

Avi Elfersy?s customers kept asking who he?d recommend for carpet cleaning. That gave him an idea for expanding business. Ever since Avi Elfersy started installing carpets in 2003, his customers kept asking him the same question: Do you clean carpets, too? And every time, the answer was no. Avi had been busy growing his flooring ...

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On April 30th, 2013

Carpet Cleaning Franchise’s New Equipment Boosts Bottom Line

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise?s XTS lowers the cost of offering hot carbonating extraction, making it easier to start and grow a business When running a business ? whether it?s a carpet cleaning franchise or a sub shop ? success is measured in profits, and there are two ways to turn a profit: grow your revenues ...

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On April 16th, 2013

Is Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Franchise a Green Franchise?

Looking for a green franchise? Here?s why you should take a look at low-cost, highly-rated carpet-cleaning franchise Chem-Dry Is it possible for a carpet cleaning company to be a green franchise? If you?ve ever hired a carpet cleaning company other than Chem-Dry, that?s a fair question. Most use a lot of soaps, phosphates and a ...

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