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Advertising and Marketing Support

Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business Is Easy with These Resources

Chem-Dry’s main goal is to help its franchise owners grow the most profitable businesses possible, and marketing is the best way to quickly accomplish that goal.

Gone are the days when you could run an ad in the Yellow Pages, make calls to a few important people, then sit back and wait for the jobs to pour in. Today, marketing a business like a Chem-Dry franchise requires a sophisticated understanding of how to leverage the Internet and social media as a marketing tool. We help you rank high in visibility on Internet searches and on high volume on tools like Google Places, where consumers now go to find vendors they can research and learn to trust.

Chem-Dry further provides its franchisees with all the tools they need to aggressively market their businesses locally to get the phones ringing. We can provide you with postcards, magnets, business cards, stickers, brochures, door hangars, invoices, envelopes, calendars and email blasts.

Our Vice President of Marketing, Bill Zinke, has more than 20 years of experience in building brands and expanding the networks of several franchise concepts, and he teaches franchisees how to acquire new customers and generate repeat business, providing you the knowledge to leverage all the tools Chem-Dry provides.


Best of all, our franchisees can use a Chem-Dry dedicated call centers, staffed by trained professional salespeople. We’ve found that using call centers, for many of our franchisees, is more effective and less expense than having a full-time salesperson. Historically, the call centers have booked more than 75% of new calls even among those shopping for the lowest price. They also have had a booking rate at an astounding 96% on calls from previous customers.

The call center is an incredible tool, especially for a beginning franchisee. When you go into business as a Chem-Dry franchise owner, you’ll be concentrating on getting out to the customer and doing your job as well and thoroughly as you can, as we’ll have shown you how to. The last thing you need to handle or miss incoming calls or emails because you’re busy doing the cleaning. The trained customer service representatives take care of that critical responsibility for our franchisees, and because they’re experienced at stressing Chem-Dry’s value proposition, you build a list of jobs while you work on others. All you have to do is the job itself.

Our other marketing resources:

Marketing Toolbox: A convenient online center packed with images, photos and illustrations you can use to create your own local advertisements, plus templates your local graphic artists can customize, and other resources.

Franchise Website: Chem-Dry provides each franchise with a customizable website local owners can use to lure online traffic.

Marketing Diagnostic: This tool represents an innovation in online resources for franchise systems. Franchise owners can access the toolbox and evaluate their businesses’ success compared to standardized benchmarks and diagnose areas where improvements are needed.

Franchise Marketing Packet: A handy packet with announcement cards, door hangers, brochures and other basic materials you need to spread the word about your new business.

CRM Tool: Our Customer Relationship Management tool, OnTrack, is a web-based program used for billing and scheduling customers, managing invoices and accounting software and gauging customer satisfaction.

Our goal in marketing is to build each franchise a strong, deep, loyal customer base who cleans multiple times a year. Repeat customers cost far less money and time to reach than new customers. Five years in, we want to see 70 percent of a franchise owner’s business come from an existing database of repeat customers; by then, a fully developed, robust customer database should have 2,500 names, and only one of 10 customers should be a first-timer. The other nine should come from repeat business and referrals. Franchise owners who follow our marketing strategy usually reach that goal.

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